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Saturday, 28 April 2012

First dinner at Hua Hin beach in Thailand

Let's take a break from Vietnam trip and go back in time to March where my trip to Thailand happens! 
Some of you ask me about the food! Now I shall show you the food!!!
This is the street of Hua Hin. I took the photos in the car. 

If you are looking for a quieter place in Thailand, then Hua Hin is a good choice with less population than Bangkok and has the same big shopping malls and night market in a smaller scale.
On our way to our dinner place.
We arrive at this restaurant that looks like a resort.
Pass by the private function room, it is nicely decorated. 

Special menu that day

I like how they decorate the tissue box with sand and shells. 

I like the lights along the restaurant and how romantic it is so sit here beside the beach. 

This is a romantic place to get proposal or something with heart shape shells.

Did a photoshoot for the kids at the playground at the side of the restaurant.

Time for food!!!!
Fried kueh tiaw - Thai style. 
Sweet with fish sauce taste that is delicious and fragrant. 

Fried rice with salted fish - Thai style.
It is so good that everyone finish the rice with the plate clean! 
The aroma from the rice and veggie mix paired with fish sauce is just perfect. I can smell the rice while I type

Ahh coconut - That's our favourite drink to order for the rest of the trip. 

Some veggie

This is our soup! Seafood, mushroom and veggie soup. 
The portion is just enough for six.

I love this fried fish - especially the sauce that comes with it. 
The sour, spicy and salty sauce that is absolutely delicious! 

After that filling dinner, we are to take more photos as souvenirs! 

The kids ordered another pa tau(coconut) to drink.

Our driver that drove us from the airport and around Hua Hin.
We are just beside the sea.
Having fun running around the resort. 

Lastly, we just pay up and off to the night market which I will cover in the next post!

Hope you get a chance to visit the not-so-popular location in Thailand, Hua Hin. 



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