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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Laser Tag @ Laser Warzone, IOI Mall Puchong

This was actually unplanned. 
I saw a tweet from Simon Har and he's asking for group members to join him for laser tag.
I then replied him I wanted to join since I'm at SS2 that time and got nothing else to do.
Photo stolen from Joel
So my friend drop me off at IOI mall, Puchong and it's my first time there so while I was looking for the right way, I bump into Joel and the buggers. Good thing I met them and I just followed them to Laser Warzone!

So there are 15 of us separated into 4 teams - Red, Blue, Green and Magenta
After a while of mingling, we are off into the briefing room along with Red and Blue team! 
I'm in the Red team with John, Fai and PenMerah
Blue team consist of  IrisMichelle and Nadia
Wahahaha. My team won in the first round. I'm Delta. hehe
We go pew pew pew in the warzone. The short gun was not practical at all so not using it after the first round.
Red must be our lucky color, we remain red throughout the competition. 
My team and I took a break in the function room and proceed to eat and watch other teams. 
We actually rest the longest compared to other 3 teams. 
Fast forward to the final round, my team won again against the (Magenta) Gold team. 
Quite a close call here and this time my username is Venom! XD
Chasing around everyone else in the warzone is not as tiring, I guess my adrenaline took over and I got all the energy to do so. 
In the final round, we played the Lockout version of laser tag and only 1 person won. 
Venom - he's really good at hiding and camping. The key to win this game is to camp and hides. 
This time my username is Electra. 
Last place goes to Green team ( Simon, John Morgenstern, Richard and Michelle's friend.)
The winners goes to....Red Team! We all got ourselves a big froggie! 
I actually brought the frog up on the plane and flew the frog back with me to Kuching!
He is Ben Hor - great fun going against him in the warzone and he won the lockout challenge!
He get to kiss the pink seahorse and bring her back. 
Thank you Nuffnang for organizing this awesome event to bond bloggers together.
I also met Tony for the first time there! 
We are all so excited to bring our frogs, om nom nom and seahorse back! Everyone else is looking at us when we walk to the carpark with our plushies! 
My second time playing Laser Tag, I still love it! Try it today! =D 
Pew pew pew!



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