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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bến Thành market - Day 2

So back in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I had my first lunch that is on day 2! 
I like the ad placement here. XD 
Guess what I'll be having? 

The interior of the shop
I have no idea what that means so don't ask.

This is the place where I will be having my lunch! 
I am going to have Bun Cha! Hanoi street food in Ho Chi Minh City. LOL
Lots of veggies and bean sprouts! Unlimited order - so if you like to have more, just ask!
Deep fried spring roll! Dip into the sweet sauce with carrots and the white veggie is just delicious!
The most not oily fried glass noodle I've ever tasted!
They have their own version of belacan that is just as good!
It is so good and won't leave your mouth full of oil after eating it. 
This is the original soft and beautiful texture Bun Cha. 
The one I had at La Lot Vietname Restaurant Pavillion tasted like chewing gum =X

You know what's next after a tasty and filling meal, right? 
Shopping time!
Ben Thanh Market - A not to be missed market to get everything under the roof!
Cua Bac means market!
My mum and I! 
Fruits in the market! Some not available in Malaysia too! 
Here is where we can have our cendol fix! Food too if you like. 
Even though this market is like an open concept, you are not allowed to smoke inside here. 
Various products sold here. A lot of imitation products too. Do bargain with them even when there's a sign saying no bargain because the prices here is at least 50% or higher than the original price.
A lot of snacks sold here too. Dried coconut, jack fruit, shrimp, crabs and dried produce. 

Souvenirs and art works by the Vietnamese. Lacquer works last longer.  

Want a dose of alcohol which includes - poisonous snakes, scorpions, centipede and ginseng ? 
It is however not poisonous as the alcohol content neutralize the poisonous effect. =) 
So drink up for health, men. 
Watches and jewellery are sold here as well.

After hours of walking and shopping, we needed some drinks to cool down. 
Stalls right here just displays all the cendol selection and you can choose what you want easily! 
The drink maker will just take the displayed glass and put in ice, coconut milk and serve!
So I end the afternoon with a coconut that cost 30,000 Dong after a lot of window shopping. 



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