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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Berrylite is now in Kuching!

Wants something for dessert but always refraining yourself from having any because it's not healthy? Now, there's a solution! Try Berrylite! 
I went and get to try 5 of the flavours XD

Berrylite American Premium 100% Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt, the froyo that has all of Hollywood abuzz with chatter, is now in town! Our frozen yogurt contains more than 100 millions live and active cultures in a gram. All our live and active cultures are accountable and high in health benefits. 

We are committed to providing genuinely nutritious and delicious products. We serve uniquely creamy yet fat-free frozen yogurt that is all natural, nonfat, gluten-free and packed with beneficial live and active probiotic cultures certified by National Yogurt Association (USA).

Berrylite is founded in Singapore, and now has 7 branches all over Singapore. Besides that, they are coming up to countries like Indonesia, China and even India! 

My first cup is chocolate flavoured one with sago pearls, pamelo and chocolate chips toppings! 
I like the pearls that are chewy, the pamelo juiciness and also the chocolate chips!

Original yogurt with nata de coco, green tea mochi and aloe vera toppings! 
I love the mochi! Not my cup so I got to get a teaspoon only =P 

Mango, original mochi, and colourful sago topping on original yogurt! 
Angel had this!

This is the counter! Order your yogurt here!

The huge Berrylite sign! 

They have 4 sizes to offer from Blind Date, Hook On it, I Love it and Take Home Pack! 
 1st time you try the Blind Date and then slowly you get Hook On it, the next time you say 'I Love it' and lastly you can't get enough of Berrylite and you opt for the 'Take Home Pack'! 
That's the story behind the name of all the sizes!
Mango, Aloe Vera, Coconut topping with original yogurt. 
Miao had this one!

Mochi, Strawberries, and Oreo on chocolate flavour yogurt! 
Amelia had this!
I like the combo, just like ice cream but a healthy one! 

My original yogurt with black sago pearls, granola and grape
I love the freshness of the ingredients like the grape, the crispiness of the granola and the chewy sago!

Strawberries, Kiwis and oreo on original yogurt!
Angel's second serving!
Kiwi, Strawberries and colourful sago on original yogurt
Amelia's second helping
Last one was Miao's Oreo, Mochi and granola on chocolate yogurt! 
Overall the taste and topping compliments each other and the chocolate yogurt taste more like ice cream! I prefer the chocolate flavour over the original when match with sweeter toppings. 
Try it today!

Berrylite is located at 1st Floor Boulevard Phase 2 New Wing! 



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