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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

CarSifu - The Leading Car Classifieds Website

Have you ever thought of where to get the best deals for cars? Now, I want to introduce the largest online Car buying, selling and resell website in Malaysia! You can find new cars, used cars and search over a thousands of cars for sale in Malaysia! In the past Car Classifieds are always in the newspapers and it's hard to keep up reading and collecting so many newspapers just to find that one model of car that is in your area and the car that you want. So the solution is to log on to an online Car Cllassifieds!

Carsifu is a website that act as a Car Classifieds! 
This is the welcome page for Carsifu website

Read on for more

This is basically how the website looks like with login and register button on the top right corner. There's also 2 pages to browse. The types of cars are shows on the right side and also a search tab at the lower middle of the page.

Isn't that easier? Nowadays we use the internet and rely on it so much that we slowly do not use the traditional medium like newspaper to do research before choosing what car model to buy. Imagine searching through the newspaper and get all your fingers dirty and black and might not even find the car and price that you preferred, all that newspaper flipping would have gone to waste. Now, you can conveniently flip through the pages of the website with a click of the mouse of simply using your fingers on tablets to search through this site without getting your fingers dirty and you can successfully find the car model that your desire to buy!

There's even rankings for every model of the car on the side bar for example, Audi cars are place first followed by BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi and all the other brands which includes local brands like Perodua and Proton too. 

I checked out the other tab Cars for Sale and there's a huge list of cars with real life photos and their information which includes year of purchased and prices for each cars. 

Besides searching for the right car, you can also post car ad in the website. You can also put up cars for sale on the site for more traffic and exposure to get the right buyer here. It is better to have more people knowing about your products than not right? I like the fact that there's a search car bar on the top left of the page for users to search than to look through the page by page for a faster search! 

So what are you waiting for? Go to  CarSifu today and search for your dream car! 



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