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Friday, 1 June 2012

Cu Chi Tunnel

 This is a must visit spot in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Cu Chi Tunnel.
This is where the French and Americans attacked the Vietnamese. 
A lot of foreigners here that day
In order to get to Cu Chi Tunnel, you need to take a 2 hours ride from the city, I'm staying in district 1 so it takes 2 hours to be there.

We are here with all the jackfruits! A lot right? 
I went to the tour with my mum and we can see the creativeness and intelligence of the Vietnamese with digging the tunnel and setting up traps and surviving the war underground. 

This space is used to hide from bombs and enemies.

A pretty young lady is climbing into the hidden hole 

This is the cap that is covered with leaves.
This is where the air hole is if not mistaken
Our tour guide was showing us all the cleverly hidden holes and tunnel and also explained why. 

The photo below is bamboo trap! The pointy trap is made from old bombshells' steel.

The big tank! 
French and American attacked Vietnam for over 20 years and they actually survived the long war by living creatively and hidden underground. 
A reuse of the bomb shells and boms to make weapons and traps
I salute Vietnamese because they reuse a lot of things like bomb shells, tires and etc during wartime.  
A grinder to make the rice fine
Besides that, I also love their rice paper to wrap veggie or meat into a spring roll to eat! Delicious! 
Rice paper under the sun to be dried! 
Rice paper are made from crushed rice and water and was transferred to a flat pan before drying them on bamboo nets.  
Baby shoe, daddy shoe, mommy shoe all the way to Giant shoe made from tyre (the ones on your car). 
Like what I've mentioned before, the sandals are made from tyre  from cars or jeep during the war. 
This is the shoe maker! The sandals are super durable because when the thread goes lose then you can just pull the thread from behind and tighten it up again.
Just me and behind is an area after the bombing. 
The Tour guide gave us a quick introduction and show us all the hidden air holes and tunnel. 
The meeting hall and kitchen very near to each other. 
Peeking from the entrance to the tunnel! 
The Tunnel is dark with light only from a bulb. You might need to bring your own torchlight preferable on your head torchlight because a lot of crawling needed or walking like a duck in the tunnel. 
I love photo taken from angle above. hehe

Taken by LC-Wide 
Before we leave, we get to taste sweet potato which is a staple food for Vietnamese during the war. 
The salty peanut with sweet potato is quite a new taste experience. I love the Vietnamese tea, the sweet scent is just so addictive! 

A lot of different type of bombshells! 

Another set of bombshells! 

And that concludes our trip to Cu Chi Tunnel! Do view other photos at my Facebook page soon! 



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