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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cultural show at Basaga

So last month, I was at Basaga for a family dinner and also to experience the cultural performances! 
It was really an eye opener to me, among the performances were singing, dancing and playing traditional musical instruments.
Guess what, Basaga is going to have a Dinner and Cultural Extravaganza Night this Saturday (12 May 2012)! Details after the jump!
My sister reading the menu in high speed! 

The stage full of performers - playing various traditional musical instrument - Gong, hand drums, and sape. 

Now, for some food before the show starts! 
My Ice Blended Chocolate - Creamy and delicious!
Our cutlery.

Lamb chop! 

Mixed Veggie with rice

Mushroom soup with garlic bread

Butter Prawns 

Umai ikan - spicy fresh fish with chillies and shallots with a dash of lemon squeeze! 

 These guys are great! They sing Bidayuh songs like it's a mainstream song. Very cool indeed!

 Tiger Crystal just to chill out with the performances =)

Internationally well-known Sape player - Matthew Ngau!
His performances was so mesmerizing and the music from Sape is really unique. 

He's good with the Sape!

Just to show you, I was there. =P

Thank you for reading! My brother showing silly face. =P

Basaga Dinner and Cultural Extavaganza is happening this Saturday!
Date: 12th May 2012
Venue: Basaga Holiday Residences
Time: 8pm-10pm
Dinner type: Buffet
Drink: Soft drink - free flow
Price: RM 60 per pax
Children below 12 can go for free! 

Please contact me on Twitter or Facebook if you wish to purchase the tickets. =) 
You can also go directly to Basaga Holiday Residences to purchase the tickets. 
See you there!

For more videos on the performance, please visit my Youtube page to watch them!



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