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Friday, 18 May 2012

The Me lately

Time for a personal post I suppose? Been posting travels and other reviews these days that I feel the need to express myself a little plus you want to know something about me right perasan?
By the way, my blog is the featured blog of the month on SarawakBloggers
Anyway, I'll be starting my new permanent job end of this month and my first assignment is to travel to Miri! Excited! I'm gonna miss Kuching very much though since I grew up and lived here almost all my life.

I'm still worried about what the future has in store for me in a new location. I hope that I'll have all the blessing I need to start a new life in another state! 

For now, I'll just start my on the job training end of this month for a full month before going over and eat all the food in Kuching to make sure I won't miss it for few months. 

Guess what?
My Lomohome was the home of the day on 17 May 2012! 
My lomohome is also the Lomohome of the week on

Extreme happiness to gain so many recognition this month! =D Got 50 piggies too for being featured on Lomography! My Lomohome is Cutebun
You can see all my photos from my film cameras there!

I got a crazy idea and I wonder who is willing to join me for a trip around Kuching to shoot all the lovely essence from dawn to dusk! 



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