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Monday, 14 May 2012

On our way to Bangkok

So a little update on the last night at Hua Hin night market before I go on about the adventures at the floating market! 
Street food sold at the Hua Hin night market. 

Seafood - Shellfish! 

Clothes on sale!

A lot of designs for guys! 
I like retro shirts~
These are on polo tees. Cute right? The Angel and Devil. 

These are for your furkids! Looks yummy, too bad not for us humans. XD

This little puppy is looking for its adorable!!! 

Cute right?

Then after that go back to sleep XD 

Last day in Hua Hin - Did a photoshoot with siblings

My Sis

then we are off to Bangkok
On our stop, I took photos of souvenirs made of shells. 

Shell curtains

Yummy fat meat with eggs in sweet sauce.

Normal veggie with minced meat and tomato

TomYam with chicken. 

Grilled pork meat! Crispy and delicious! 

Green curry - not bad too! 

Coffee cup with wings =D

Cute sized cucumbers and eggplants

I think these veggies is suppose to dipped into hot sauce to eat? Did not order these. 

I met another dog and I love this shot! 

My Dad posing with a car - antique? 

Well, that's it! Our one stop before arriving at Bangkok and I lost my dress cloth when arrived there because I forgot it in the car TwT. Till then, I shall write about our 2nd stop at the Floating Market  next! 



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