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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Still not updating

Hello there! You have stumbled on my blog and I'm still not in the mood to update on my travels, reviews, events and anything else.
I shoot this on one evening! 

This is a very bad habit - procrastination. By the way, a lot of you mistaken that I'll be going to Miri to work for good, actually I'm just going there for on the job training trip. >_<
Somewhere around

Been thinking a lot lately, about relationships and what-not. Then again, I'm not even in any.
Love the evening sky

About work - Been working part time this month after 4 months of hiatus. Quite happy with my experiences working as sales adviser for perfumes and cosmetics and also for Samsung roadshow. Learnt a lot! It seems that I'm always in the service line, I'm anti-social at times. hehe

Life is getting better in this month of May. Earned and cash out enough to survive. It's really hard in the past months to survive with little money and I hated that feeling of not having any money.

Still in a worry state of the future and not sure what is the working environment like in KK. This time is no longer holiday trip but a moving and staying permanent trip.
Boulevard phase 2 in progress!

Sorry for the lack of updates. My brain is not in tune for writing yet. I got tons to write, a lot!!!
That's all for now. Till then.




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