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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Floating market in Thailand!

Last March I went to the Thailand Floating Market with my family and it was a first time experience for me. 

This is the beginning of the stream to the market. You can see houses built along the manmade drain that leads to the market. I even recorded several videos for this! 

The people here sell produces like coconuts, vegetables, fruits and even hawker style food on boat! On the sides, there are sovenirs, clothes, paintings, arts and locally made Thailand products!

Transporting gas tanks
Row row row your boat!

We arrived at a centre where demonstration of how coconut sugar are made and even bought some coconut sugar back! It can be used in coffee, desserts and cooking! 


Playing with the sugar! Stirring actually. 
My Bro insist that he wants to have his picture taken with the cat!
Watches and bracelets 

Child's play
Looks antique but guess what? Bulb inside!
I love this mirror tuk-tuk

Along the market, most of the vendors selling similar souvenirs. There are spices for cooking on sale too!

Spicy Spices

A group of tourist on the other boat
Ahh..cooling coconut drink on the boat is awesome!
I recorded several videos so I place it along this post! Check it out!

Artificial birds!
Another video!

I believe this is the central place for the market. Lots of food along the way
There're even a boat service!

Almost towards the end

At the shaded area beneath the bridge

Noodles anyone? You can order your food and eat as you go. 

Leaving the market 

A big welcome sign! I only saw this at the end

Houses along the river

Last part!

A temple for burning offerings
Final video!

Last stop!

That's it! The experience is not bad as not as cheap for the fare but worth it! 



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