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Monday, 25 June 2012

Hello Hello Kuching

Hey hey! I'm going to be back in Kuching today! Gonna spend my last few days here before saying goodbye to my hometown. 
That very cute cat at the Scuba Junkie Jetty
This month so far is indeed a busy one with so many going on and travel extensively. I really did travel at least once on plane every single month from January up to June! I read all the Travel3Sixty magazine   
A little teaser on what to expect on my first diving experience! 

My list of to-do are:
1. Get my Mabul diving experience film develop.
2. Write few blogpost
3. Hang out with family and friends
4. Pack all my essentials for my move to KK
5. Eat all the Kuching food that I'll miss.

That's it! I'll update more once I install internet at my KK home =D So see you this evening Kuching! Bye KK for a while! 



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