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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hunterloc journey around Kuching

2 weeks ago I on leave for several hours just to hang out with my fellow Lomohunter buddies aka Analog Garage now and we called ourselves Hunterloc that day. Will tell you the reason after the jump!
Eyezat Cookie's shot!
We had a plan, a plan to promote Kuching in a very special way. We did a lomowalk which is going to be featured in Lomography site itself soon! 

So there were 12 of us and we were separated into 3 groups with leaders - Shah, Sherrie (me) and Reza.
A overexpose signboard outside The Curve
I lead my team down China Town and went to 2 temples! My team consist of Jiero, Aidil and Haffiz! 
It was indeed an eye opener for all of us, we went up to a temple less people go to and explored! I wouldn't reveal where yet as the article for lomography have not started. =P
Our 1st secret shooting venue! Our first time up there! 
From the secret location - The view from above. 
Most buildings and shoplots in China Town Padungan road are way back from 1928! 
Check out the year near the tip of the roof.
I love the Colonial design and very unique touch on each and every building! That burst of colours meet with antique design is indeed a colourful experience! 
From the side door of the temple
Your needs will be granted - a rough translation of the words carved on the praying 
Tian Hou Temple
I really love going to temples to take photos, very colourful and full of tradition. I love red as well so the temple is full of red! The rich history behind every carving and paint is fascinating to me. 

I'll let my photos speaks more from now without making you bored with reading so many words. 
China Town from above!
China Town in Kuching
After that we went to China Town for a walk and shooting session. 

The Kuching Cat is celebrating Gawai too! Dressed as Iban warrior this time!
We really went to become a tourist in our own city - the city we grew up in yet we never noticed how interesting and rich Kuching is if we never go all out and capture them in our lens. 
Our next destination is the Tua Pek Gong temple and we passed by Mirage
We wanted to go to the row of old shops near Green Hill but time was limited so we went to Tua Pek Gong temple instead before heading to our final destination of the lomowalk. 
Loving my wide angle lens! Behind me is the entrance to Tua Pek Gong temple
A better view of the entrance
My group of guys! They are super sporting and friendly too!
We only met each other for the first time that day for Hunterloc and it's really fun to get to know new friends too! 

Masterchef Malaysia at Old Court House
So we arrived the last at the Old Court House because we traveled the furthest from the place. We walked in the opposite way unlike other teams. I purposely chose that route so that we won't be shooting doubles of the same location. 
Eyezat Cookie's shot of us jump!
Well, that concludes the lomowalk and I hope you enjoy my album! Do like and comment on your favourite shots here!

All shots are taken by my trusty LC-Wide with Lomography CN100 films except for Maman's shots - Holga 



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