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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Huge Cafe - Talk about HUGE!

Hello! Just to let you all know that I've moved to Kota Kinabalu City! This is my first food review in the city and boy I'm excited!

Read on to find out the whole story!
Huge Cafe Facebook Page 
Tue - Wed: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
 Thursday - Sunday: 11:30 am - 11:30 pm 088-248 788 

Huge Cafe is located at Damai Plaza opposite Glory Church. 
It is a cafe not to be miss when driving pass shops in Damai Plaza. 
 The interior of Huge Cafe is simple and spacious with cooling air from the ceiling fans that is an ideal hangout place!
The Counter
 All the delicious pastries are displayed in this fridge next to the counter, so grab some if you are hungry! 
Besides offering delicious dinner food, Huge Cafe also has special offer during lunch time! 

A transparent bakery - proofs that the owner is confident about the quality and cleanliness of their breads! 
I'll start with desserts or you can call it tea time snacks! 
white chocolate éclair RM1.80
Pure Milk Pudding RM3.50 
 Hugely recommend the Pure Milk Pudding, I love milk and it's a yummy pudding! 
Worth to try for that milky taste!
Clockwise: Cream puff , chocolate éclair, white chocolate éclair  RM1.80 each 
Middle: Pure Milk pudding RM3.50
Chicken Fish Fillet Burger RM20.80
 This is one huge burger enough for two to share! If you are a big eater, then have it all to yourself!
I find the burger unique because it combines both chicken and fish into one huge burger! 
Crispy, juicy and savoury that taste just nice! 

Single Beef Burger RM10.90
 The meat is juicy and thick, with the cheesy top, tomatoes and lettuce which is a right portion for one filling dinner! I love the beef texture and it is cook just right, not over or under cook. 
I would have this on my next visit! 
Just to compare the Huge and Junior burger

Cheesy Fries RM6.50
Cheesy Wedges RM6.50
 The cheesy fries - cheesy and crispy on the outside, soft inside. Huge potato fries!
Cheesy wedges, I thought of KFC wedges, the taste is slightly smoother and besides cheese, there's also mayonnaise on top!  *I like*
From left to right :  Mango Smoothie Rm4.50, Kum Guat Honey Rm4.00, Passion Green Tea Rm3.50, and Red Bean Smoothie Rm4.50
I love the red bean smoothie, I could taste and chew on soft red beans! 
Mango smoothie is recommended too!
Egg Plant Pizza Rm15.50
 This is the first time eating Egg Plant Pizza, the combination of egg plant, mozzarella cheese, chicken and paprika is quite good for an Italian pizza. This pizza was first introduced at KK Food Festival and I'm sure it became so popular that it got back into the menu!
Cheesy Salad Chicken Rice RM8.50

 This rice reminds me of Maid Cafe style of serving food. The hand drawn smiley face is enough to lift a smile from the diner. The fried chicken with cheesy sauce is so appetizing, the side salad is quite big of a portion with a fried egg on top of the butter rice, I must say this meal is a full course with veggies, meat and protein all in one plate!

Fried Fish Slice soup

Kon Lou Mee

Fried Fish Slice with Kon Lou Mee RM8.00
 The sour and savoury fish slice soup is making me salivating and the Kon Lou Mee that comes with it is just right to fulfil my cravings for sour food! The fried fish slice soup with salted veggie and toufu are the right ingredients for this dish. Kudos to the chef!

Black Pepper Lamb spaghetti RM13.50
I first thought that it's a beef spaghetti and it turns out to be lamb. Unexpected twist of the spaghetti, the mushroom sauce compliments the black pepper lamb. Surprisingly, the strong smell of lamb is not obvious in this dish and that's why I mistaken its identity in the first place which is good news for lamb lovers and new lamb lovers! 
Our table full of food and bloggers!

Alfred Allen  - The man behind the food review invitation! =D  

Hayden looking fitter everytime I see him.

Diana happily shooting the food!

Jia Seng Lai taking heaps of photographs

Melissa and Angeline shooting food photos
 Here's a funny fact, the above photo is an example of bad posture when taking photographs. The correct posture is shown below!
Angeline showing the right posture to shoot!

Jack Baxter George  - He's been shooting here and there all night! 

Lastly, a comparison of HUGE burger with  Jack Baxter George's face. 

Rating : 4/5 
I like the fusion between western and oriental food in this cafe that gives variety to the customers. The creativity in creating new menu and food really impressed me so I would recommend you to go and give HUGE Cafe a try! 



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