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Friday, 13 July 2012

Mekong River Tour

Today (16 April), we went to tour the Mekong River which is located 1 1/2 hour from district 1 to the port. Back to back river post! This time in Vietnam!
This place is scenic!
Mini shooting session by mummy.

Having a rest at the Mekong Rest Stop after being in the car for 2 hours. 

Water flowing!

My mum took a photo of me taking photos
Here's the result! 
From the boat
We reached the rest house before the jetty to take a break and photos before arriving at the jetty. Our tour guide told us that the Mekong River connected 3 countries namely Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

The port

At the village on the island, this house has interesting dogs. 
He brought us to 3 out of the 4 Islands. Turtle, Dragon, Phoenix.

Honey Bees

I'm holding those honey bees! 
I love the tea that has flower fragrance, the honey made snack is tasty as well. 

Not sure what plant is that but it seem interesting at that point of time ><

Guess what? Dragon fruit tree!
Taken on film! Performances on the island.
3 singers all together, one of the male musician can sing too.   

Tree full of pineapples? XD 

She's a strong rower! She can row the boat fast even though there's 3 of us in the boat!

Me with the traditional hat from Vietnam!

Just wanna show you how stylish and cool other tourist are with their sunglasses. 

Next we went to the coconut sweets manufacturing place.
This is where they lay all the mould and shape them in between the wood.
Cutting of the sweets. 
Sorting and packaging and ready to sell!

Do you dare to try this? Snake wine - health drink

Oops! I forgot that my finger obstructed my lens. 
Our horse ride to the restaurant!
The very expensive fish in Malaysia is considered normal food in Vietnam. 

All the food! Rice rolls, veggies and fish! 

Can you spot the water buffalo?
One last scenery from the boat before we are on land

That's how my tour ends! I enjoyed the ride and island hoping too! =D



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