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Monday, 13 August 2012

Miso Japanese Restaurant

Have you ever imagine how's life as a Japanese? Japanese has Bento for lunch and Sushi for certain occasion which I really would enjoy if I were a Japanese but fear not, we have our very own Japanese lunch and dinner set Bento in town!

Miso Japanese Restaurant situated at Karamunsing Capital, a new popular hangout spot in Kota Kinabalu City.

We are welcome with delicious Bento with price range from RM18++ for Lunch and RM23++ for Dinner. 
We started off with Japanese Sushi and Sashimi Bento!
Signature Salmon Set RM60++
This plate of Salmon Sashimi and Sushi is so fresh that I eat it straight without dipping any sauce! 

Grill Salmon  - The freshness of the fish with sweet sauce that melts in my mouth. 

Fish Roe sushi is to die for! So delicious!

I love the decorative Tiger Prawn Sushi
New Tiger Prawn Sushi Roll, RM25++

Japanese Wine - Sakae to match with Japanese food is simply awesome! 
Japanese wine (Sake),  RM130 - RM700 ++
Look at the glorious food on our table! 
Let me introduce the rest of the Bento that will be on a weekly promotional basis! 
Beef Bento Set 
The beef is tender and the sauce is delicious. The Chef cooked the beef with Chinese and Japanese style like a fusion. 

Venison Bento Set
Ohh, when I heard that it's Venison meat, I'm delighted to be able to savour this dish! 
Venison meat normally not available in Japanese Restaurant but it's available at Miso!
Seafood Bento Set
This Seafood Bento has Fish, Squid, Prawns and Cuttlefish in sweet and sour sauce which is quite similar to Chinese dish. I love the seafood set with deep fried seafood. 
Ostrich Bento Set
This is the first time I eat Ostrich meat and it's sweet and tender. I like the texture of the meat and it was cooked with onions so the sauce is savory with a hint of sweetness. I recommend you to try it! 
Overall, Miso Japanese Restaurant leaves a good impression on me from the friendly and smiling staff to the delicious food on their menu that are affordable, it is definitely worth coming back for! 
Photos taken by Angeline 

Featured in Groupon (Serve No Pork) 



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