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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Random Food Post

It's been a stressful week with demanding manager(not even mine but was above me). 
So anyway, I wanted to introduce a new Korean Restaurant which has cheap offer for lunch time! 
Korean BBQ Supul

I've been here 3 times this month! Hohoho
Without further ado, let's introduce the food! (Recycled from instagram)

Glorious Pork Chop! 
Half eaten Side Dish
Kimchi Fried Pork!
BBQ Pork
Beef Bulgogi
All these delicious set lunch price range is from RM10++ to RM15++! Best deal ever for Korean food! 

Anyway, I have a new phone! =D
Guess what colour? =P
My namecards are with me now! So you know what to do if you want one right?

So that's all for now. Hope my blues will go away soon. >< 



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