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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Spinner 360° on 30% discount!

From August 9th to 11th, you can enjoy 30% savings on the Spinner 360°, Spinner 360° Leather Edition, and the Spinner 360° Motorizer. These are the tools that will come in handy for the Spinner 360° Races, so take advantage of the special prices.

Read on for more deals!

329252_Spinner 360 Motorizer
This is your chance to grab the Spinner 360°Spinner 360° Leather Edition, and the Spinner 360° Motorizer at a very special price – 30% off! The deal begins tomorrow and will be valid in the Online Shop and inLomography Gallery Stores worldwide – Place your orders early, as stocks are limited!
Spinner 360° Leather Edition

Spinner 360° Motorizer

Spin and Race!

Next week they will be launching the first in a set of exciting Spinner 360° Races for you to participate in. So get ready to put your new camera to good use immediately!

Wonder how Spinner 360° results are like? Scroll down!

Buy a Spinner 360° and the Spinner 360° Motorizer

If that still did not convince you then read articles about this exciting camera here!

You can get a Landscape album to store your Spinner 360° photos too!



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