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Monday, 10 September 2012


*Warning! This is a personal post and you may not like what I wrote so please close this window if you have nothing constructive to say*

I suppose this is my first few post that I rant. I know that I rarely update nowadays due to work and also laziness. I'm writing to relieve my unhappiness inside and hope that I'll feel better after this. 

I don't know since when I lost respect for people.
As far as I know respect needs to be earn. Yeah I know that if you don't respect others and you won't get it in return. 

I don't know why I cannot speak in a normal tone to others that is full of respect and gentle.
I like to speak in a straight forward manner and twist and turn and going around the bush is too much of a hassle and time. 

I don't know why I cannot stand listening.

I don't have the patience to listen properly and always in defensive mode so it's always explanations I'm giving out but the delivering part always got mistaken as raising voice in a rude way. 

I hate getting unwanted attention.  
Seriously I like to do my own things without being question.

I'm starting to think a change of environment doesn't do any good anyway. 

So sorry I'm just not being me these days, studying is still better than working. 
I like being free without commitments.But that's not possible yet.  

Just feeling so unhappy these days. It's not like I hate my job but working with others is a bit of struggle for me. =(

I think I need a vacation overseas and maybe even continue my studies or just go somewhere with holiday visa for 6 months. 

Just came back from Kuching and I really miss home. Even if KK is my second home but I still feel more at ease in Kuching. =/  

So if you want to read 10 mistakes unhappy people do then go ahead. 



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