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Friday, 28 September 2012

My First Raya in KK

So sorry for the long hiatus, really not motivated to write plus working most of the time with little rest time that I opt to rest instead. >< 
Anyway, Raya in KK is pretty quiet with no Malay friends that are celebrating Hari Raya so visiting in the first day is nil. (Super late post due to my slow shutter bug movement)
Ramahdan Bazaar at Asia City! I always wanted to visit the Ramahdan Bazaar long time ago but never got the chance until I move to KK. I must say the food is really delicious. 
My favourite among all are Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Hujan Panas and BBQ Stingray with sambal. 

So I finally get to tag along with my colleague to visit her friends' house for Raya on second day. =) 
I drove all the way to Tamparuli for visiting. (I love food and crowd so much that I drove all the way) 
 The road to the village, pretty neat huh? Just beside the mountain and forest. I bet the air is fresh here. That afternoon was scotching hot! 
 A failed attempt at using my LC-A Russian camera, out of focus. I have no idea how to estimate distance to focus so resulting in blurry photos. That's a rendang. 
 These are ikan bilis and peanuts. 
I miss lemang, curry ayam, ayam masak merah, raisin rice and satay in Sarawak! 
 During the time I was there, Datuk and Datin of that area came and visit this family. The Datin is really sporting and almost dance with all the other guests in the house. 
My friend and her aerobics mates.
  This is at second house at Telipok. I love her neat cookies and jars.  

 Kids showing off their green packets with one hiding. Spotted? 
So that's how I spend my Raya in KK and my holidays were spent lazing most of the time. =P
I took this long to write because my films were only developed like 2 weeks ago. 

Till then, I hope to write to you soon! =)



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