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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Carlsberg Diamond Idol 2012 Finals

 If you followed me on Instagram, you would have browse through and know that I attended Carlsberg Diamond Idol 2012 few weeks ago. I also tweeted about it. hehe. Well, I finally resort to writing the post after so long. One of the reason was my slow motion shooting with film and another is procrastination. 

Don't stop reading my blog, ok?
I shot this on film! Believe it or not? 
Anyway, I had the honour to attend the Carlsberg Diamond Idol and boy, I'm impressed by all the singers from East Malaysia! 

I'll just show you nice photos, for the rest of the blurred photos, you can go to my Facebook page Cutebun. =P
This was from preview show. Quek Ying Ying

We bloggers aka media are in the VIP section. lol. Just upstairs.

Chien - my cousin! hehe. 

All of them dance and sing to Carlsberg Diamond Idol Theme song. 

Emcee of the night - Vincent and Cassie! 

Noel has the most supporters! He's the first to sing. 
Jacqueline - Represent KK area! 

I love her outfit. Very trendy. 


Chien Chien

Tai Chun Leong 
I love the dramatic lightings

Christina- her vocal is strong!
Sarah - She's good too from Miri! 
Walter from Miri! He won the most popular contestant prize!

Yee Fui Sun from Sandakan. She got a 3rd Runner up prize. 

Esther's first round. Her mic is blinged too! 

Ying Ying


The bar counter

Eric Lim - he sang 我听见有人叫你宝贝

He's pretty cute too! 

Esther! She represent Kuching and she won 1st Place~ 

Her performance after winning the title! 

Andy - The fluffy teddy won 1st Runner up! 

Chien got the 2nd runner up prize. 
The judges - Nikki Palikat, Eric Lim and Stephen Lim.
The moment when they announce the winner! 

All together now

I truly enjoy attending this event and a lot of hidden talents in East Malaysia! I hope more of this to come in future! Once again congratulations to all the winners! 



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