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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Must try food in Vietnam

Continue from where I left off for my Vietnam travelogue.
Recommended food that you must at least try once in Ho Chi Minh City after the jump!

All the recommended food are based solely on my experience in the country. =)

Bun Cha - I really love this cold vermicelli with meat and sweet sauce. Originated from Hanoi. 
Oh yeah, the fried glass noodles was awesome as well. Vietnamese likes to use as minimum oil as possible in their cooking so pretty safe to eat even when on diet. =P 
Chinese restaurant steamboat - Boy I tell you all the ingredients are worth every penny with excellent service and delicious base soup. 
Western food in Vietnam is pretty neat too. Pork ribs with special sauce was mmm yummylicious. 
The pasta was out of the menu as well so pretty much special order. The plate of finger food and salad was good to fill the tummy before the mains. 

This is pork internal organs noodles. Very fresh materials with super hot kicking chili paste. 

Homecook Vietnamese food. I love this place with random homecook food. This is in district one with no menu and cozzy environment. The food is not expensive as well. 

Pork knuckles noodle. The meat is soft and tender with the spicy soup that compliments the pork so well. You gotta try this! 

Road side Chicken feet soup. 

Black chicken feet too! It's almost like homecook soup on the roadside. The price is really cheap! 

Coconut! I love the fresh coconut here. 

Chinese food again. Fried prawns with cabbage

Eggs with meat

Stir fried flower buds. 

Braised pork

As for Desserts, we went to the best ice cream shop in town that are filled with people. 

The ice cream is soft and yummy. Less expensive than our branded ice creams here though. 

Cantonese style kon lou mien. Dried noodles. The stall was the authentic noodle cart with drawers and stove all in one but was place in a small shoplot. 

Green tea latte. This chain sells coffee and tea much cheaper than Starbucks or Highland coffee

This is fermented dried crab. Very crunchy and tasty. A must try when visiting the China Town marketplace. 

They call it fries here 

Steak. I had ostrich and beef on the grill. Dip the bread into the sauce on the grill and it's how the Vietnamese eats their meal. 

ABC? Dessert the Vietnamese way. I like the colourful toppings with coconut milk. 

During the tour, I manage to eat some honey snacks. The Vietnamese tea has this fragrance that makes me want to drink more. 

Fish that is expensive in Malaysia are food on tables in Vietname. lol 

Spring rolls. A must try with the rice made wrappers. 


Fried spring rolls
Fried rice
Vegetable soup
Seafood! We went to had seafood where all the locals would go. They cannot speak English so a lot of pointing and action to get our orders. 
Pepper and salt on the left and chili sauce with lemon on the right
Shellfish! I like their cooking with this dish. You need to suck the meat from the bottom of the shell to eat it. 

BBQ prawns! Yums! 
Fresh oysters! My favourite! With a squeeze of lemon juice on top and plops into my mouth is just wonderful!
Cheese and oysters - equally yummy! 

Softshell crabs - I like the crab with easy to open shells. XD 
See, we did a wrong order and have the same shellfish but a different style of cooking! 

Embryo! Dare you to try this! Duck embryo inside. I eat 80% of it before giving it to someone else to finish =P
The bill is like half of what you get at restaurants. 

We went to a lunch chain store to get our food on the last day. Economical and good. Got wifi too! 

BBQ pork meat. 

Noodles soup. Pho

That's how I eat in Vietnam. It's been months since I last wrote my travelogue so here's one!



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