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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Driving in KK City

By the way, I've been driving in KK for the past 4 months and I must say I get irritated by the road users I meet everyday. This is a RANT post. You may click [X] on top right corner of your screen now before it's too late. 
This happens everyday!

This is solely my own opinion and some second opinions from people around me. 

  1. Drivers in KK tend to NOT use signal lights. It is as if they have to put in a penny in order to switch on the signal light. 
  2. Drivers LOVES to cut queue. They just drive and squeeze right in front of you when met with bottle neck or better still to just drive in the reserve land then cut right in.
  3. Drivers LOVES double parking even when there is plenty of parking spaces. They are so lazy to park properly. 
  4. Drivers here also DO NOT want to park properly. They would just use up two parking space for their one vehicle. 
  5.  The roads in KK got lots of pot holes and ridiculous amount of speed bumps! Even on a road cornering area also have speed bumps (who the heck speed on cornering?Drifting is not a trend here yet).
  6. Street lights - Dark roads is like a trend. The road lights can remain off halfway on a main road and it's on on the other end. 
  7. Drivers here have no sense of gratitude. Giving way to them is a must, therefore NO THANK YOU hand sign at all times. 
  8. Pedestrian expects drivers to look out for them while they cross the road slowly. They DO NOT look out  for traffic when crossing the road and 99% of the time never use proper route to cross. 
  9. Car lights - I have no idea why they all adjust their lights to shine as if they are using high lights on normal level light mode. The lights are so blinding especially to drivers opposite their road. SHINE High lights all the time! 
Drivers in KK are mostly inconsiderate, self-centred and care for their own convenience only. To make this post slightly more interesting, I pluck some photos from KK Kopi-O-Lesen page to show you what the contributors posted in the page. 
Can puke blood everyday on the road while driving. Gosh!
This driver even made it to the newspaper!
Park 2 parking space!

Double park 30 minutes

Cut Queue

Quite interesting la this one. 1cm to kissing. 
Smart way to park huh? Clearly he/she has no idea what the orange cone is for. =.=
I seriously hate people with the above mentality. 

All photos used unless stated are from KK Kopi-O-Lesen Facebook page

In another note, I still have to deal with damages after two accidents last week. =.= $$$ flew away. 



  1. yerp.. could not agree more.. the drivers in kk are plain rude and inconsiderate. already they know that there r not many alternative route, still they do it..

    i seriously hate driving in kk each time i balik to visit my parents. even my dad told me 2013 is the last year he is gonna be in kk before transferring back to Kuching( at least the drivers are more courteous) because he cudnt stand driving in kk.even going to office takes him approx 30 mins, when it is a stonethrow away only..

    huhh... so F-cked up. mentality so selfish



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