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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Grimbergen Launch in KK City!

Earlier this month, I was invited to attend Grimbergen launch at Kalamata's Resto Bar at Api-api Centre.
Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd (LHFB),a subsidiary of Carlsberg Malaysia is strengthening its portfolio of imported premium beers with the sole distributorship of Grimbergen beer to East Malaysia. 
 Grimbergen is a contemporary abbey beer, the outcome of passion and authenticity, whose roots go back to medieval abbey life. The traditional values have been translated into a contemporary context. 
Grimbergen, born in the middle age in Belgium, is a top fermented beer, ale type,and it offers a large range of beers with its blond,brown,white but also red fruits recipes from 6 to 6.7% alcohol content. 
Hurray for the ladies? XD 
 The owner of the place and representative from Carlsberg Malaysia giving a toast. 
 Our first serving is the Blonde beer. 
I like the light taste of the beer with a hint of sweet and smooth to drink up. 
 They look pretty in the fridge with coloured caps right? 
 Time for some buffet food! Mostly finger food and good match with beers too. 
The kitchen crew posing 
Blonde, Amber and Blanche are from the Grimbergen series.
 'This Grimbergen beers, the certified Belgian Abbey Beer, herald from the ancient Grimbergen Abbey in Belgium in 1128. The abbey was destroyed in 3 separated fires. Each time, the monks of Grimbergen took the Phoenix as their symbol; a sign of the Abbey's perpetual rebirth,and adopted the motto: burned but not destroyed' shared Ricardo Loh, Marketing Manager of LHFB in his speech. 
I like the Phoenix logo for Grimbergen brand and the story behind it.
Inside the bar with multiple clocks showing different times.
This was taken with my phone. 
Draught beer
Amber beer has darker shades compared to the other two. 
Amber's taste is much stronger and bitter.
 Glasses of Grimbergen 
 I like the bar area with pretty lights
We drank all three!
 I prefer Blonde XD
Tom doing the Barney pose XD 
 I even got strangers attending the event to teach me how to shoot in low light. 

She has a Grimbergen logo tattoo.
Some of the patrons

LHFB wish to complement their existing portfolios of premium beer range in the market by introducing Grimbergen to Kuchingnites! Hurray for Kuching to have this premium beer soon in the market! 
Enjoy this new range of Grimbergen in town, KK peeps! 



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