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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hitz KK Birthday Invasion!

So this happened on the 3rd November and I'm in the Rockzone so here's the photos! I posted them on my page Cutebun so you can check them out there too. 
I'm beginning to think I'm running a photo blog. Sorry for the slow updates. 
This is how near I am to the stage. Nah, not really, I'm using a 50mm lens so it seem closer. 
We got beach balls to play with throughout the invasion. 
The crowd for this year's birthday invasion are mostly kids in the rockzone with parents included. 
I like my view from the Rockzone. Not as stuffy as the free standing at the back.
First act. Dang Bangdangs
They are preparing the crowds for the night
Fun fact: Crowd goes wild at the mention of Greyson Chance's name.
Two of my fav shots of this set. 
Dang Bangdangs is Sabah's local band. Do support them!
Arnold and Farhan. 
Felt so surreal to meet DJ in real life after all these years listening to their voice on radio. 
Natalie! Cassie's favourite person on radio. XD 
Who says we don't have international act on KK Birthday Invasion? 
Jaekwon all the way from Korea! Performed Beatbox on stage!
Jin! I like his JinnyboyTV production. 
Cheryl, Jin and Ryan. 
I kinda hope they can mingle with us though. 
One Buck Short! Malaysia's local band! 
Cassie and Rica looking good! 
Cassie and Natalie having the same facial expression. 
Pop Shuvit! Mootz was like woah that's a microphone.
They flew all the way from US to Kuching then KK for the night!
We only know the song Mara Bahaya. lol
Among the crowd
Pop Shuvit's guitarist
Main act! Greyson Chance! 
He's really cute and he sings!
He got closer to the crowd.
Jackman and Skeletor on the decks! 
Hitz crew dancing on the stage!
Super high. 
The DJs got request to sign a lot of items e.g. Phone covers,posters,ipad covers,paper and etc.
This is where the scary parts begins when DJs starts giving out goodies via throwing
The scary part of being in the crowd with camera is when they starts to compete for 1 T-shirt by pushing and pulling. 
Last was a group photo of Hitz Crew and Greyson Chance. 
The event was quite fun just that we don't have enough fan and sweat like mad among the crowd. 



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