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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Xplay2012 at B.E.D. KK

Last Saturday I attended the Xplay 2012 Finale at B.E.D. Waterfront and it was a blast(in a good way of course)!
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So the party started at 8pm, I reached the place just right before 8pm to secure a good parking spot.
The first person to greet us is the L.E.D. man. He's really cute
(I know you can't see his face =P)
Beautiful ladies to greet us at the Entrance for an Instax shot! 
Stolen from my own Instagram 
First act by DJ Freeze. She's really pretty! 

While DJ Freeze is on the stage, we...take photos with the other two DJs
Yours truly manage to score the 'Meet the DJ pass' so meet DJ Ayu from Indonesia! 

Meet DJ Dusk all the way from Australia! 

Not forgetting DJ Freeze from Jewel Union. 

With XU lapsap and DJ Ayu
DJ Ayu performed after DJ Freeze and she made the crowd gone wild with her beats! 
While DJ Ayu was spinning, I've spotted few cute guys on the floor. 
He got shocked! 
Elecoldxhot crew! 

Yup, he's Dennis Yin and he can dance! You may have spotted him in JinnyboyTV's videos and other local Youtuber's videos too! 
Chris - The leader of Elecoldxhot! I love his bold red hair! 
After a while,all the boys are up on stage! They are dancing the night away with crowd cheering on while DJ Ayu was on the deck! 
Synchronize dance with very good choreography. =)
DJ Dusk's turn to charm the crowd with her unique mix!
While DJ Dusk is on stage, the bartenders started to blow flames into the air! 
A very hot performance even when view from the VVXP zone upstairs!

We have the Laser man on stage! 
He twisted and controlled the laser with his hands! 

The laser went zapping and poof! The 3 DJs are all on the deck! 
The dancers at the podium are hot,hot hot!
Female bloggers unite! Ignore the guy with the mid length hair, Tristan. XD
Met a super model at Xplay2012 too!
With Magician Teo! 
and yeah I had fun at Xplay2012! 

Hope to see you there next year!A party not to be missed, Xplay by Xpax! 



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