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Friday, 11 January 2013

Corona Sunset Beach Party & After Party

Last month I've attended Corona Sunset Beach Party and Corona Extra After Party on 28&29th.
Let's start with the Corona Sunset Beach Party that happened at First Beach Cafe. I was so afraid of getting my gears wet that I only brought my phone along with plastic bag to seal my phone in. XD

Corona Sunset Beach Party @ First Beach Cafe

I was welcomed with Corona Extra sign at the door!
Jonathan Tze was performing when I arrived. 
I love this! I threw the balls in twice and soak the same girl. (Sorry girl)
Gorgeous DJ on the deck!
Then it was wet and wild time where we sprayed each other with water! 

That night was fun with Corona Extra and lots of water guns and splashing around! 
I enjoyed the party and randomly sprayed others. XD

Corona Sunset Beach After Party @ Chocolate Factory
After a the crazy Sunset Beach party, I actually went to the After Party. 
Two nights in a row!
My partners in party crime! Ana and yours truly and Margaret!
Tried a new way to make up! Nude lips!
The pretty DJ

Another pretty DJ that I never get her name XD
Then there was fire performances! 
After that,the dance floor was filled with a lot of people! 
That's where the party starts rolling! 
I had fun and hope to join the next one! 

All photos source stolen from Corona Beach Party FB page. I'm too lazy to edit my own photos =P



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