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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lomography Smartphone Scanner

The Smartphone Film Scanner Offers You a New Way to Instantly Scan and Share 35mm Films Using Your Smartphone.

When I first read about that, I go Ga-Ga. I've been meaning to get a film scanner for ages since I started shooting with films because the cost of developing and scanning from labs is expensive. 

Let's introduce the Smartphone Film Scanner! 
Remember your grandma/grandpa's good old days photos that you can't seem to find but still have the film?
I believe that this scanner will revive the old photos and let the world see them easily! 
Can't wait to own this!
I actually pledged my support and only pay on 4th February! $60 if you want to know how much I pledged including shipping. 
Watch this cool video introducing the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner!

So far they reached their first stretch goals, let's hope they would reach the second stretch goal so we all can own the free app to properly combine the films together!

Pledge now at their Kickstarter page! 
Do visit Lomography website for those amazing analogue photos! 



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