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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sabah in worrying state

Hey all,

I'm currently residing at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. With news of Sulu Army in Lahad Datu and now Semporna, I'm very worried. I'm worried of the safety and my own safety in this place.
It is not helping when everyone is preparing to face the worst. So many people buying food stocks at the Hypermarkets and Supermarkets yesterday. 
This is the Rice section at one of the many Giants in KK. 
I was at this particular Giant this afternoon with ample supply of rice and when I returned at night, the stocks is almost empty! 
Eggs sections - Was fully stocked yesterday afternoon and at night, it's empty with few trays behind. 

So the queue was very long with many people load their trolleys with mountains of necessities. We went off to another Hypermarket. 
First thing I noticed at Servay Hypermarket when I'm at the entrance, all the shopping trolleys are fully occupied (meaning there was no trolleys at the trolley area)
 While queuing, I took photos of what everyone else was buying. 
The milk powders for children are selling fast, so fast that multiple staff kept on restocking from the store. 
I'm not kidding when I overheard someone saying that Sabahans are stocking up like Chinese New Year/New Year. I manage to snap this - RM621.30 of shopping bill! 
Majority of shoppers last night paid at least RM100 for their shopping goods. 
On a lighter note, funny remarks I overheard in the hypermarket last night. 
A: Eh, kau mau pindah rumah ka? Beli banyak tu? 
B: Why are you buying rice? Ans: I'm just following the crowd buying rice to make it merrier (in mandarin)
C: Look! She's buying that, let's get that(Insert food) too 

Business was so good that we only manage to pay for our shopping goods at 10.20pm which is way pass the closing time for this hypermarket. 

These photos below are by my friend Ana in her side of the hypermarket (Servay Hypermarket Putatan).
Overheard at different departments;

A: Beli tu Milo, 30 paket. Cepat, habis nanti!
B: Kau angkat separuh, aku separuh.

C: Oh sht, no more good rice is it?!

D: Buy more "megi", faster to cook during war!

E: Ui cepat kau, x payah la beli sayur! Biskut yg tahan!

I came here to buy a packet of cat food. Hmm. The city is in a state of panic and people are stocking up on food.

Overheard at the raw food department;

A: Astaga, bang! Habis beras!

B: Beli ja apa2 brand! Yg penting ada makan!

C: See I told you war is coming. I very smart buy a lot yesterday.

D: Eii? Ada diskaun ka beras ini malam? Kenapa tinggal sikit ni? Ala. Rugi.

E: Quick, quick buy rice! Help me carry!



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