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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Somersby Apple Cider now in KK City

Hurray! Somersby Apple Cider was launched by Carlsberg Malaysia on the 23rd March! 
The pre-event was a flash mob by dancers to Waterfront and KK Times Square - very interesting. 
Somersby Apple Cider is from Sweden.
The launch was held at Spinoza, Waterfront. A new place and a new launch, perfect place to drink by the seaside. 

Somersby Apple Cider made from juicy red apples that are fermented to perfection. 
I love the sparkling bubbles and sweet drink from Somersby Apple Cider. 

I had great fun at the photo booth! 

The grand prizes of the night! Bought two bottles to get a chance at lucky draw. Luck was not on my side so didn't win. 
Somersby Apple Cider best served over ice! 

My souvenir for the night. A mini photo. =)

The Carlsberg guys waiting for the balloons to explode to mark the launch. 

Jonathan Tze performing! 
The whole band - They did wonderful covers of classic songs <3
These are the flash mob dancers and they performed on stage as well!
Tom - as usual being ambassador for Somersby this time XD 
The pretty host and her hubby. 
This couple danced the night away when the band sang mellow sweet song. 
A whole tree of photos!
That's all folks! 

Somersby Apple Cider is available at:
Spinoza, Waterfront KK.
Major supermarkets like CG and Tong Hing

A bottle sold at Spinoza is RM18 and bucket of 4 is RM60 =)



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