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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Celebrate Harvest Festival with GUINNESS® and TIGER

I was invited to join Guiness Anchor Berhad (GAB)'s special series of Harvest Nights held across Sabah to celebrate this Ka’amatan. The venue was at Food City, Kolombong.

FYI, Sabahans celebrate Harvest Festival aka Ka'amatan on 30th&31st May while Sarawakians celebrate Harvest Festival aka Gawai on 1st&2nd June! Native tribes from East Malaysia all celebrate Harvest Festival to thank God for the abundant harvest of rice traditionally.

We were entertained by the host, Saliparjipun and other live music performances by local artists such as Janrywine J Lusin, Clarice J Matha, Devreny Disin, Lim Chun Yong and Super Baby.

Devreny Disin is the first to perform!
Janrywine J Lusin - The original singer of 'Hanya di KK'

Clarice J Matha and Janrywine J Lusin singing a duet
While enjoying our share of Guinness Stout, we were also treated to amazing performances of the Magunatip (bamboo dance) and fire eating dance by the Kumpulan Budayan Cultural Troupe.

Bamboo dance with bamboos that can trap your feet if you're not fast enough. =P 
By the way, the bamboo dance was from Murut tribe (headhunters in Sabah).
Fire eating dance was interesting to watch. 
Look at the flames! The performers are really brave!
Fire dance

This performer was the one with the most fire breath! 

Female fire eater! 

With every purchase of GAB products patrons will be given lucky draw coupons for a chance to
win bags of rice (10kg) and various home appliances.

My mum actually won a pack of 10kg rice!(too nervous to take any photo)

The grand prize winner of the night!
Five (5) outlets across Sabah were shortlisted to host the event including  Kedai Kopi Fortuna
626, Taman Fortuna; Food City, Kolombong; and Golden Valley, Kepayan Ridge. And fans in
Sandakan and Tamparuli can look forward to the event being held in SS Prima (27 May 2013)
and Misompuru Café (29 May 2013). The events will kick start at 6:00pm onwards till late.

Happy Harvest Festival Sabahans and Sarawakians that are celebrating! Kotabian Tadau Tagazo Do Ka'amatan! Selamat Ari Gawai!

Now drink up Guinness, Tiger or Anchor this festival!



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