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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Igloo App

Igloo App - The latest mobile advertising app that you can earn money from clicking advertisement that you are interested in. 

Time to join in the latest and exciting way to earn some moolah to pay your phone bill without even leaving the screen of your phone!

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This is how the app looks like on mobile

How many times have you guys feel that advertisements are annoying and you don’t get anything in return by viewing them. They are everywhere : TV, Newspaper, Billboard, Radio ,Cinema and etc. Most of the time, the advertisements doesn’t even concern you and is not of your interest. And you don’t get a single cent by viewing themWho benefits from them? Advertisers! Cause’ you are buying their stuff!! What the advertisers do not know is that it also brings them bad results.. People who did not even bother about their advertisements are now irritated because they had to view their advertisements.
Marc Jacobs ad
If you are interested to see what the advertisement is about, double click!

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Here is where Igloo App addresses all of these issues. Igloo App is a targeted advertising mobile platform app that only pushes advertisements based on your demographics such age, gender, interest and location. So if you are a guyyou will not receive an advertisement regarding lingerie and vice versa. Apart from that, we also have geo-location based advertising where we push deals and discounts of shops around your area so rest assured you will be updated of all the best deals in town. Here’s the best part: For every advertisement you view, you will be paid for it. No strings attached! Isn’t is cool?
With Igloo app, you can click on ads that interests you only. 
So download the app today from Apple Store or Android Play Store!



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