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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Raja Laut Sunset Cruise

On the last day of June, I was invited to experience the Raja Laut Sunset Cruise operated by Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru (STAR) at Marina.
Shangri-la's new built Marina!

So I went around the jetty to explore a bit. Raja Laut provides 2 types of cruise - Sunset cruise and Day cruise. (Rates at the end of the post)
The road to the  jetty
 STAR provides various services at the Marina - rental of water sports gears, diving, shower area, and also boats for rent.
Water sports store -  you can rent your gears here!  

STAR has their own boats! 

Raja Laut has arrive at the jetty for us!
 While I was exploring, Raja Laut(name of the boat) just port the the jetty  for our sundown cruise! We boarded Raja Laut at 4pm. I'm excited and went into the boat quickly!
Raja Laut

Raja Laut is a 100 foot classic yacht built in 2005 with luxuriously appointed modern amenities which is a timeless charm that is unique to a classically designed and extremely well built wooden boat.
Raja  Laut sailing
With over five years of luxury chartering in Asia, from the Maldives to Papua, Raja Laut has proven to be one of the most appreciated boats in her class.
The deck area
Her spacious deck area can accommodate an al fresco dining table for fine dining or groups of up to 50 people for day charters or even more when moored or in a marina.
Mini pizza! 
 We had finger food throughout the cruise and unlimited drinks too!
Veggie dip!  
I enjoyed myself with good bunch of friends and also new friends on the deck!
Mini tuna toast!
Orange Rum, wine and soft drinks are available!  

Below deck she is fully air-conditioned, with en-suite accommodations for 12 passengers, and an elegant and comfortable lounge.
The captain really set the sail with this! Antique look .
I  enjoy the cruise with unlimited finger food and drinks. The ride was a bit rough when the waves hits the boat while we were stopping near an island in idle mode so brace yourself! Fun to mingle around and walking from front deck to the back.
Our view from the boat! 
One way to prevent seasick is to drink alcohol/beer as taught by STAR staff.
The Deck

Saw another boat waiting for sunset too! 
 Another way is to chat with somebody during the cruise.
The sailors on the boat was so playful! They sat the the front of the boat at the edge!
Lastly is to always look ahead according to the boat sailing direction to prevent seasick.
 Sadly the cruise come to an end at 7pm as the sky is getting darker.
I will definitely come back! 
The Raja Laut can be the setting of numerous corporate or groups events, join in cruises and much more.

So if you wish to embark on Raja Laut,

For Join-in Cruises FIT/GIT,
STAR Marina:
+60 (0)88 327 888
+60 (0)88 325 971

Private charters
Please contact Raja Laut team
+60 (0) 168-228 159

(Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

  • 4pm-7pm. Shangri La Tanjung Aru Marina.
  • Adults - RM250
  • 12 years and below - RM120
  • 4 years and below -Free
  • Includes Finger Food,Water, Soft Drinks*
  • Excludes Wines, Mixers, beer(cash bar on board).

*Spring rolls, potatoes chips, vegetable, fried squid/chicken, mini bruschetta/canape, peanuts. Coke/Sprite tea/coffee.


  • 10am-3pm. Shangri La Tanjung Aru Marina.

  • Adults - RM350
  • 12 years and below - RM220
  • 4 years and below -Free
  • Includes BBQ Lunch*, Soft Drinks, Water, Tea& Coffee, Park Entrance Fee, Snorkeling Set
  • Excludes: Beers, Wines, Mixers (Cash Bar on board).
*Salad, fried rice/noodles, chicken/fish/squid bbq, satay, steamed and fried vegetables. Coke/Sprite Tea/Coffee. 



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