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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Penang Travelogue

Hey all! I finally have time to write an elaborated post of my 3 days 2 nights travel to Georgetown, Penang.
I brought my mum with me as a post Mother's Day celebration vacation trip!
Old shoplots

Famous Taugeh Chicken Rice
Was hungry so we had a pre-dinner of bean sprout chicken rice. 

 I only arrive in Penang via a direct flight at 4.30pm so by the time I reach my hotel it's already 5pm so we went to search for food.
Penang Tower
 Shoot while exploring the place for the very first time!
Kueh Chap place
 First dinner at Restoran Kimberly, Kueh Chap duck meat. Delicious and big portion and it cost us RM7  a bowl. I recommend ordering a bowl for two to share because we ordered two bowls and no room left to try dessert after.
Duck Kueh Chap
Georgetown street
I love walking down the street doing street photography and Penang is so clean! I was homesick then so it reminds me of my hometown Kuching. 
This British building caught my eye 
Antique signboard
Pretty dot ceiling at breakfast place
Cha Koay Teow ,Cha Koay Kak and Penang White Coffee
First morning breakfast!

We discovered this place by chance and coincidently few of my friends on Foursquare checked in this place before so here we are at Sin Seow Fong Lye Cafe.
Lo Mee and Har Mee. 
Last day morning breakfast
We went to visit the Peranakan Mansion and get to know about the Baba&Nyonya culture and history.
The ticket is RM20 per person for adults and RM10 for children
Somebody is having their wedding photos taken here too. 
I only know that the owner of the Mansion then had 2 wives.
I love the many patterns on the floor of the Mansion
The entrance 
Jewellery for sale here
My fav shot from this visit! A working antique camera!
Actually a lot of  antique in the Mansion and some of them are still usable!
Which Peranakan specs do you want? 
We went on the Trishaw to the Peranakan Mansion 

Before the visit to the Mansion we went to hunt the Murals in Georgetown so scroll down~
Old school car park machine

A night out with Penang Bloggers~
The waitress has shaky hands - huhu 
I also met Henry and Camy and other Penang Bloggers at Piknik!
Round mirrors
Piknik Interior
Fun times! 
Here's a random journey through Penang streets - by the way all photos here are taken by film camera except some normal looking photos which I believe you can spot =P
I absolutely love the clean and well conserved. Reminds me of old streets in Kuching (that I hope our State Government will conserve and not tear every old buildings down). 
on the right side of the street from Tune Hotel 
We are here in Penang for 1 1/2 days despite the 3D2N itinerary.
Very cool Mural of a woman smoking 
Mint outline of old building is so cute!
Cute Building 
I love the retro buildings and funky colours!

The shops are so old that the windows are slanted 
This is the walk in the Mural area!
Yap Kongsi 
Ice cream shop
Wired comics
Bicycle Lane
I wish I did rent a bike to go around but my mum do not know how to cycle so end up we use Beca.XD
All sorts of shapes and size for buildings in Georgetown
Poor dog
After walking around aimlessly for 15minutes, we gave up and paid RM30 per hour for  Trishaw.
Reaching Up - Reach for the window? 
Cannon Street
Low fence just the good old days
One thing I noticed in Penang is there's a lot of temples!

Antique shop! 
Unfinish Lion Dance
The whole of Georgetown I suppose have hidden Murals~

The Little Children on a Bicycle Mural - Contrary to popular beliefs of long queue, I did not have to. 
I went to Penang on weekdays so that explains why there's not a lot of people showing up at the Mural.
Located at Armenian Street.
Boy on a Bike 
Ah  Quee Street
Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur 
Ah Quee Street just next to the Boy on a Bike Mural but the walls are falling apart so we can hardly see the dinosaur.
Brother and Sister on a Swing 
Gat Lebuh Chulia now known as Step by Step lane and was painted by local Penang artist, Louis Gan.
Kids Playing Basketball
By the way at this street, I saw locals selling Mural inspired souvenirs - notebooks, notepad and other stationeries.
Mural at Jetty
We are here to see the Children in a Boat mural but it was completely faded so we bought souvenirs here instead!
Boats at Jetty
The village houses are so near to each other.
A lot of movies shot here and some interesting signs 

Temple outside the Jetty

While on the Trishaw 
View from the Trishaw
So these photos pretty much sums up what I did in Penang. To sum it up in words: Walk, Eat, Explore,Eat.
I will be back Penang! I have yet to try the famous Penang Laksa and desserts.



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