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Sunday, 4 August 2013


One fine Monday night, together with bloggers :  Jaclyn, Tom, Margaret, Chloe and Dino were invited to taste the Truffles dishes at Shangri-La Rasa Ria Coast Restaurant.

Coast Restaurant
Our table setting for the night!
We were arranged to dine in the private room of The Coast Restaurant and the setting was wonderful with ocean inspired fiber lights.

The lamps are like Jellyfish!
Once dubbed the ‘diamond in the kitchen’ by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, a renowned
French gourmand during his time, truffles have had a long history of being the food for the
privileged spanning thousands of years. With over 70 edible truffles available, the most
flavorsome is the French perigord truffle.
Our menu
For one-week only from 5-12 August 2013, the Coast Restaurant and Bar at Shangri-La’s
Rasa Ria Resort is introducing summer truffles at RM30++ per shaving of five grams to
complement the restaurant’s special truffle menu selections of four starters, four main
courses and two desserts with prices starting from RM25.
Bread with Vinaigrette
The starters are comprised of the Endives Salad, Green Pea Soup, Lasagne of Rock Lobster
and, Country Style Chicken Liver Pâté while the mains are Wild Mushrooms Risotto,
Grilled Black Angus Oyster Blade, Roasted Halibut fillet and Seared Sea Bass fillet.
Making up the dessert selections are the Chilled Mango and Passion Fruit Soup and;
Chocolate and Yoghurt.
Our server of the night and wine of the night.
The white wine is best match with fish.
 Chardonnay, White Label Wolf Blass - South Eastern Australia  (Year: 2012)
Me with empty Wine Glass *slurps*
Wild Mushrooms Risotto - ragout of cepes, champignon & oyster mushrooms . aged parmesan shavings
Green Pea Soup  - poached egg, semi dried cherry tomato, mint & green peas
This soup uses butter instead of milk to retain the Chlorophyll. 
I love the poached egg and the creamy soup texture without the cream. 
Lasagna of poached rock lobster - open lasagna, edamame - long bean ragout . lobster bisque
The fresh lobster with truffles and unique sauce taste exquisite.
Roasted halibut fillet - sweet corn . beef bacon . radish . garden basil . beurre blanc
I enjoy this dish the most with the tender halibut fillet top with beurre blanc and sweet corn and beef bacon is just delicious!
Chocolate Soil - A mixture of chocolate with surprise pop candies and truffles! 
This is a Amuse Bouche (pre-dessert) to fill in the time before the main dessert is served. We all love it with the soil like chocolate texture and sweetness and woody truffle in the dessert.
Chilled mango & passion fruit soupwhite chocolate mousse . mango . coconut flesh . garden basil
After all that heavy meal, we girls can still stuff in this delicious dessert with pleasure! The guys are shocked!
I love the passion fruit and mango with the clear coconut flesh topped with truffle simply complement the whole set and gave us a wonderful end for the night.

Be sure to visit Coast for Summer Truffles from 5th-12th August (1 week only) for an exciting gastronomy experience at Shangri-La Rasa Ria.

Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort,
Dalit Bay Golf & Country Club

Pantai Dalit, PO BOX 600, Tuaran, 89208 Sabah, Malaysia
((6088) 797888  7(6088) 791777   "



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