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Sunday, 8 September 2013

What have I been up to?

I'm doing a lot of stuff lately and I ran out of things to blog about (lazy) XD.

Hurray I officially became a member of  AirAsia Bloggers' Community!

Oh I just passed 1st part of the exam for an Insurance license - backup plan with a C.

Upcoming blog post will be about the Carlsberg Diamond Idol 2013 Finals! It's an annually singing competition for East Malaysian to compete to win cash of 10K!

I've been busy watching the latest HK drama - Triumph in the Skies II and Always and Ever drama.

I love the songs played in the drama. Listen!
A funny drama about time traveling from Song Dynasty to 50s and present.

I'm also watching The Voice China season 2 - the singers from China, Taiwan and other places are so good!

Anyway, I still have a photobook to complete before it expires on Monday so happy weekends everyone!



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