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Thursday, 31 October 2013

GAB Oktoberfest at Waterfront KK

Hey all, I've just attended the Oktoberfest Roving Party last Friday and it was fun!

The whole Oktoberfest team! 
Heh. My very own 1L mug! 
During the roving parties, I was able to witness the traditional Oktoberfest activities including traditional German folk dances, beer mug holding competitions and ‘Nail the Wood’, a traditional German game which requires participants to have both power and accuracy.
German Folk Dance

Breathing fire? 

The media gang XD 


Instax Wide print!

Here's Tom joining 'Nail the wood' 
Tom got second place! 2L of beers as prize!

It was a relaxing night out tonight with really nice live performance at Shamrock Bar. I drank like 3 types of beers XD

For more information on the entire GAB Oktoberfest campaign, do drop by the official GAB Oktoberfest Malaysia Facebook page at today.



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