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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hua Lu Flower Leisure Farm

Hey all, I just came back from an epic trip to Taiwan with Airasia!
My trip is focus on leisure farms which is another attraction in Taiwan besides attractions in the city.

We are greeted warmly by Shinny and Yu Tzu at the airport and sonn after that we boarded on our tour bus for the whole trip! We depart from Taoyuan airport to Miaoli for a two hour ride.

First place that we had our lunch is at Hua Lu Flower Leisure Farm 花露休闲农场.
You can: Sit leisurely in the meadow Watch falling petals and leaves Listen to hummings of insects and birds Let the breeze touch your sorrow cheeks.
A little bit of introduction about this place:
The owner started Hua Lu Flower Leisure Farm because he love flowers and also extract the essence from the flowers and plants to make essential oils.
Hua Lu Flower Leisure Farm has a Fragrant herb Farm and Flower Essential Oil Museum that you can visit and the guides will also introduce the plants and its benefits.
You will surely feel like you are part of the farm from fragrant herb plants and the cleverly designed landscape.
Mainly there are three main attractions at Hua Lu Flower Leisure Farm: First you get to experience the making essential oils perfume from the fragrant herbs yourself.
Secondly, you can DIY and make your own freshly soaked fragrant herbs and flower tea and also enjoy the energy from the tea.
Thirdly, food! Dishes are made with flowers or fragrant herbs plants in the farm and you will truly feel like mother nature is embracing you. *awww*
During your visit,there will be an expert to guide you along the aromatic world, teaching you ways to produce essential oil, all-natural lotion and self-customized perfume.
If you are tired of making perfumes, you can pick some of your favourite flowers or herbs. You can also sip your very own fresh flower tea while enjoying the serene view. You'll surely feel relax and calm.
One must not missed delicious flower dishes meal made from organic fragrant herbs and roses freshly picked from the farm straight to your table. The meals are healthy, tasty and one of a kind.
Ducks made of wood
Once we enter the farm, we started taking lots of photos. We are surrounded by flowers, fragrant herbs like rosemary, tea tree and many other plants.
Which plant would you use? (For guys only)
Apparently the whole farm has flowers as decorations even in the male and female toilet.
Our group majority are girls and we actually went into the male toilet as a group that one of the male customers thought that he's in the wrong toilet. XD
Ladies flower toilet
According to the majority of male visitors, they would most likely to use flower cubicle compared to Pitcher plants. Most of them believe that the plant would actually harm them. XP
Starter: Organic vegetables and fruits salad with naked prawns 养生蔬果裸虾
Let's move on to lunch! We ordered dishes with rice because we are a big group, you can order set lunch if you are traveling with less friends. Our group set package is NT4000 for a group of 10 and it featured 1 fish with 3 types of cooking/eating method.
Sugar cane tea leaves farm roasted chicken 甘蔗草茶山鸡
#1 Sour Cabbage Fish Head Soup 酸白菜鱼头汤 

Gong Bao Pork 迷迭香宫保双味
Rice bucket

Stew Pork Ribs with vegetables 鲜炖莳蔬猪排

Crispy fried fish 脆皮鱼柳

Welsh onion steam fresh fish 细香葱鲜鱼蒸

Abalone Mushroom with salted egg 金沙杏鲍菇
Seasonal stir-fried vegetables 季节炒莳蔬

Bamboo leaves 竹叶一品炊

Vegetarian set lunch with salad,side dish,soup,drink and dessert 素食罗汉斋
You can also choose from their extensive set lunch menu ranging from NT380 - 680.
After that heavy flower filled lunch, we visited the place and an expert guide was present to explain to us the fragrant herbs and flowers and their usage.
We learn a lot about Rosemary, lemongrass, tea tree, lavender and many other plants. They extract the essense and made it into essential oils and cream. 

Next you can opt for a stay at this Essential Oil Fortress. Photos of the rooms within below!
The barrel on top is one of the unique features here. 
Spending a night here will definitely brings you back to nature with birds chirping, butterflies flying, fragrant flowers and herbs surrounds you.
Normally this house is covered with flowers but it's autumn so flowers taking a nap XD  

Butterfly~~ if you can see them X) 
Adorable owls made of stones and steel at the fortress entrance

This are the machines to extract and make essential oils - DIY session available 

Pretty lobby lounge
Now let's go to the rooms! There are 3 types of rooms.
First room type is Queen 王后房
Normal rate NT$5880
Weekend rate NT$7280
Reservation NT$9800
Spacious bedroom with rocking chair and flat screen tv 

A varenda  to be with the birds, bees, butterflies and beautiful scenery 
To show that the toilet is clean and not used, a fresh flower was place in the toilet bowl.
Toilet photo
I love the open concept bathroom and the bath tub is so spacious!
Not only you can dance soak in the bathroom, you can opt for shower too.
There's even a shower area
Next room is Fragrant room 香氛房
Normal rate NT$4280
Weekend rate NT$5480
Reservation rate NT$6800
Equally big with more nature decorations

Tea area
Another Queen room if not mistaken in the middle row 
Real wood decoration

All bathrooms has bathtub and shower area
Third room is hollow room 桐心房with lots of sunshines
Look at the cute window! 
I love this room because it's bright and no need to turn on the lights in the day.
Bathtub with a view
Another room with the binds down

That's all for the room tour. All rooms comes with breakfast.
Now to have some photoshoot at the lobby, Ana took these for me =)
In deep thought
Love the shadows create by the window.
My partners in crime blogging this trip, Ana and Calista!
Two pretty ladies
Oh how I wish it's spring so I get to see the flower mice XD
Mouse made of flowers
The owner source for decorations from the native tribes in Taiwan so all of them are authentic and comes straight from the source.
Statue made by the native tribes
The farm has an ethnic restaurant and a coffee & tea sampling area.

Cakes available too! Fruits beer! 
After a cup of Illy coffee, we proceed to have the expert guide to bring us around the farm.
Lavender! My first time seeing one
She will go through the fragrant herbs one by one and we get to touch, smell and learn about the plants.
Some plants are good as mosquitos repellent, some for wounds and some to relax and even cooking!
We also learn how to differentiate genuine essential oil from artificial ones.
We also sample a lot of products during the session from essential oils, cream and lotion.
Our friendly guide 
Next is the souvenirs section, you can buy essential oils products, plants and souvenirs too!
Many city people travel to Hua Lu just to buy cheaper plants

Handmade soap from essential oil 
Large selection of essential oils 

Owls! Animals that brings luck in Taiwan. 

If you want to know their benefits. 
This is our first stop! There's more to come!
Group photo! 
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