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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Philips Innovation That Matters To You

Nowadays we lived in a society that wants better quality of life. But how can we do that?

Simple! By joining the Philips Innovation That Matters To You contest!

Watch this video to know more

Few years ago, I was a victim of snatch thieves and I had nobody help me so I hope the ideas contributed in this program can help cities to be safer for everyone. 
You can start by contributing your ideas for Healthy Homes or Safer Cities. 

Not only your ideas will help others, you can stand a chance to win Philips goods too~

Join the conversations on #meaningfulinnovation on Facebook, Twitter @PhilipsMY and Instagram and visit to find out more!

Grand Prize for Winning Idea:

5 Consolation Prizes for Shortlisted Entries:

So why wait? Join the Philips Innovation That Matters To You contest now!



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