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Thursday, 31 October 2013

What's Your Mireica Story?

I've been drinking Mireica everyday from the day I receive the products and so far so good. XD

Mireica is a beauty health drink best taken on an empty stomach!
The sachet inside 
How to drink?
1. Get ready cold water/juice, a cup and of course, Mireica.
2. Empty the sachet content into glass,
3. Add in cold water OR juice (so it’ll taste yummy)
4. Stir till effervescent powder is dissolved.
5. Drink Immediately.

The drink taste like fruit juice with a hint of fishiness. I still like the drink because it's sweet with a hint of sour. I drink Mireica every morning before breakfast. 

 What makes Mireica unique? ....... Ingredients, of course!
Mireica is made from natural resources such as marine and natural berries and does not contain sugar.

Mireica's scientists have included some natural yet beneficial ingredients, such as: Acerola, Blackcurrant, Astaxanthin, Ceramides, Marine Collagen, Ceramides, Plant Stem Cells & many others
After taking Mireica my skin seems fairer but other than that I did not feel any effect. Somehow my face started to develop acne too. 
Edited: I asked the person in charge and she said acne develop because my body is detoxing so it's normal.=D 

I'll consider to take Mireica again to see any other effects. 

These natural ingredients ensures that Mireica is multi-dimensional - great for skin AND overall health too! NO artificial coloring is added into Mireica and it’s the natural algae, Astaxanthin, that makes Mireica RED and the very same reason why salmon, shrimps and lobsters are red too.

I know the natural ingredients listed above contains many BIG WORDS, so here, in a nutshell for you:
1.       Acerola Fruit - highest natural source of vitamin C, and contains mineral salts and many other rich vitamins! In short, it supports the immune system, anti-aging, has natural anti-inflammatory properties, acts as an antiseptic and balances blood fat levels.
2.       Blackcurrant - rich in Vitamin C (antioxidant), other beneficial fatty acids. Improves blood circulation, boosting immunity, anti-aging, restores damaged, aging or dry skin.

3.       Astaxanthin - is a super nutrient. Studies have proven that it improves skin moisture level, causes wrinkle reduction, protects your cells, organs and body tissues from oxidative damage. Also used to treat many brain diseases and used for preventing cancer as astaxanthin exhibits VERY STRONG free radical scavenging activity.

4.       Ceramides - are natural lipids (fats) and a major component of skin structure and can be found on coating the skin of newborn human infants. These fats allow skin to retain moisture. Synthetic ceramides are used to  replenish ceramides that are lost in the aging process and is a powerful way to protect skin, making it act and look younger.

For more of the ingredient benefits, click our South Africa site: You’ll be sure that your skin is well taken care of with Mireica.

One important thing that makes Mireica unique is that it does not contain fructose. Fructose is contained in many other collagen drinks and it’s actually to make your drink taste sweeter and nicer BUT fructose  actually accelerates aging and it affects the skin collagen and in return reduce skin’s elasticity and softness. Hence, Mireica’s natural berry flavours. Ahhhh…. When you look at the other collagen drinks, be sure to look at the ingredients and watch out for fructose!!!



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