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Monday, 4 November 2013

Braun Büffel Celebrates 126 Years of Excellence!

I've been invited to be a part of Braun Büffel s 126th anniversary at their Suria Sabah outlet. The first 200 customers was rewarded with a deeply-coveted premium passport holder.

Fashionistas! The revelry will hit Alamanda, Putrajaya on 15 November, JB City Square on 23 November and Gurney Plaza, Penang on 30 November!
You not only can get FREE passport holder when you show 3 items from Braun Büffel, you can also get your FREE leather goods polish on the spot!
The directors and executive of Braun Büffel
Just look at the crowds in Suria Sabah! 200 customers grab all the goodies bag within 4 hours!
I also get to sample the Hi-Tea provided by Braun Büffel to their media and loyal customers!
My favorite grape and sausages

Crispy omelet sausage 

Mini beef burger 
I like the garden setting for the food. All the pots and decorations are so pretty!
Curry Puff
Cup Cakes
A suitcase of Braun Büffel cookies! 
Sweet cakes

Sausage sandwiches

Latest Braun Büffel collections

This was only half way 

Ladies handbags and purse

Gent's suitcase, bags, wallet and shoes! All leather!
The main entrance

Free leather polishing done by professionals 
Latest collections are so colourful

I'm spoilt for choices! 

Keychains and cufflinks

I like red bags! XD 

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