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Wednesday, 13 November 2013


It's been a long time since I blog in just words but I need to get these thoughts out of my mind. (Do click X if you dislike reading words only entry)

Since young, jealousy is a problem. I envy someone else that has better things than I am. I would even think of stealing if I can't afford it. I'm always thinking, why am I in this life, why can't I be rich and buy the things I want.

Now that I've entered the working adult world. Jealousy no longer limits to material things. In the corporate world, the co-workers are not your friends. They all in fact we all wanted to rise up to a higher position. The only visible way is to take out your competition and in this case, your own colleague. Whenever someone is praise by the superior for doing a good job, the jealousy creeps and hatred was formed. This person will then try with all his/her might to get rid of the competition.

Getting rid of colleague 101

  • Gossip - spread rumours and bad mouthing 
  • Butter up the boss
  • Offer to be watch dog - report all activities at work to superior
  • Push responsibilities to others and hope that he/she gets into trouble
  • Pretend to be friendly to get his/her confidential information/details about life and background to be used against him/her someday
  • Find fault/ give difficult task
I find that really hard to accept that being hardworking no longer brings results because being a boss' pet is easier to get a raise or promotion than hard work. Nobody sees your hardwork, all they see is when you made mistakes. The world is a cruel one and people have to fight for survival everyday. 

I'm glad I decide to change my work environment, desk job is not for me. (I have to eat my own words if I decide to go back) 

Ideal work environment
  • Hard work will bring results
  • Colleagues that help and cheer you on 
  • Flexible working hours
  • Income based on hard work 
  • Company trips to reward employees on hard work
Sometimes, announcing your whereabouts or what you bought also will attract jealousy/hatred from others. Even relatives will stab your back just because you have more. I don't get it, why can't you be happy for them? Your own blood related relative, you just have to backstab and spread rumours. In extreme cases, friends can also do the same and some even kill their own friends just because they can't have what he/she had.

This is just my perception on life. I feel blessed that I'm still alive, getting opportunities, have family and friends close by. I just need to work harder to achieve my dreams. 

Signing off with a sick body. ><       



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