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Sunday, 29 December 2013

CBTL Single Serve Beverage System launch!

Have you ever thought of having your own barista at home making your favourite espresso, brewed coffee or brewed tea? Thanks to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as the much awaited CBTL Single Serve Beverage System is now here in Kota Kinabalu just in time for the holidays!  This new machine lets you brew your own espresso shot or your brew of the day. The CBTL system allows anyone to be their own barista home. It’s so simple to use!  Place a capsule of any of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s hand selected espresso, coffee or tea into the machine, select a cup size and press a button for one perfect cup!
Assorted capsules from tea to coffee and also decaf ones
Demonstration of instant coffee brewing

The other day I was invited to the launch of CBTL single serve beverage system that is so convenient to use I can make my own cup of CBTL beverage right from my own home. hehe
First cup of vanilla coffee
 Pop a coffee capsule in and mixed with vanilla powder and voila!
Milk Froth
 I absolutely love the milk froth making thick bubbles to be added into any beverage.
Example of a good brew of coffee
 Low in foam and rich in color is a good brew. That cup is right from the Single Serve Beverage System. Cool eh?
Cupcake pairing
Good coffee has to pair with delicious food to make a perfect combination so we had blueberry cupcake and also raisin cupcakes.Sweet and bitter makes the taste ideal.
Mini Scones with raisins - my favorite
I prefer bitter coffee with scones because it's sweet and the bitterness in coffee would make it taste less sweet. The texture of scones is just right for me.
Egg sandwiches
 They are offering two models: Contata, priced at RM780 available in Gray/Black and Kaldi at RM880 available in Metallic Red and Blue. designed by Italian company, CAFFITALY system. Both offer automatic beverage proportioning and a twin pressure system for consistency of taste. The machine features easy capsule insertion and automatic ejection, a large capsule drawer that holds up to 10 used capsules and an energy saving function.
Chloe making her own CBTL beverage
 She makes her drinks in just a few minutes! As good as the CBTL Barista, so make more beverages for me ok? =P
I'm making my very own Mocha! 
So easy to use, pop in and press the button for the dosage of coffee.
 I even pour the milk in first then the bubbles on top, sprinkle a little bit of more of chocolate powder and delicious beverage all done!
Jaclyn is listening to attentively to the instructions on making her own beverage. 
Normally a CBTL system looks like this - one colour
 Not only you can customize your drinks, you can even change or mix and match the cover and capsule capture box. 
CBTL system can also wear different colour to be prettier =D
I think this feature is creative and can suit people that love colours and can match the system to their interior designs.
The CBTL system also comes with 3 additional colours - orange, purple & green
  The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is known for passionately seeking out only the highest quality coffee and tea from around the world. It uses only the top 1% Arabica beans and two leaves and a bud, ensuring that every cup is as delicious as how you enjoy at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets.
Various CBTL capsules to choose from
 The CBTL system is designed to be used exclusively with capsules from The Coffee Bean. Each capsule is freshness-sealed to lock in exquisite taste and aroma. The CBTL system combines the handcrafted taste and quality that you experience and enjoy at The Coffee Bean caf├ęs sealed in a capsule.
 For cappuccino and latte lovers you would definitely go and buy the CBTL Milk Frother which is perfect for producing just the right amount of heated milk and froth to re-create your favourite specialty beverages like those you enjoy at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores.

Still enjoy this sandwich =P 
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is giving away big discounts with three exciting packages from 17 December 2013 – 31 January 2014. Package 1: Contata + 1 Box of Capsule (10/box) worth RM802.50 and now selling at a discounted rate of RM580, savings of RM222.50! Package 2: Kaldi + 1 Box of Capsules for only RM680 (regular price at RM902.50, savings of RM222.50) and Package 3: Kaldi + Frother + 1 Box of Capsules at RM799 (regular price RM1,170.50, savings of RM371.50!)
Group photo!
The CBTL system is currently available in all Kota Kinabalu outlets: Damai, Wisma Merdeka and Palm Square.

Visit for more information. 



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