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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Indocafe Caffe Latte Launch

Hey all,
Indocafe launched their new product Caffe Latte at Citymall Center Atrium few weeks back.

Rica is the Emcee!
Indocafe Caffe Latte is quite delicious and easy to make!
Indocafe uses only the best coffee beans cultivated from the famous Mandheling mountain region of Sumatra to deliver that distinctively rich and full-bodied taste that coffee lovers yearn for. The ideal soil and climate conditions found here consistently yield one of the world’s finest coffee, which is the very essence of Indocafe’s unique flavour. A special process where the coffee cherry is de-pulped from the coffee seed before drying refines the flavour and aroma, establishing Sumatra Mandheling Mountain’s reputation as one of the most sought after coffees in the world.
Cute bicycle with Caffe Latte on it
 Patrons can even spin and win with every purchase of any Indocafe products!
 I actually like the mugs the most!
Cute small mug perfect ratio for Indocafe Caffe Latte

 The highlight of the event was the officiating of the launch by Indocafe representative and also Giant Citymall manager.
Indocafe Representative handling Souvenir to Giant representative
 I had lots of Indocafe coffee that day and it's fun to be with many bloggers too!
Mini burger
So get your Indocafe Caffe Latte at stores near you!



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