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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Xian Hu Leisure Farm

Xian Hu (Fairy Lake) Leisure Farm  仙湖休闲农场 is where I spend my second night in Tainan, Taiwan. 
Although Xian Hu means Fairy Lake but there's no lake at all. The clouds that surrounds the hills seems to be lake surrounding the tip of the mountain (island). 
This place is hilly, I had to climb a small hill to get to the room. I shared the room with two other fabulous bloggers Ana and Calista. 
 The room is cozy with wooden setting, super soft and fluffy bed. The lighting is awesome too!
They planted coffee trees under Longan trees so that makes the coffee beans has a distinct smell and taste of longan fragrance.
Meet Porsche the dog - he's a superstar! 
Fairy :Lake Farm has the cutest pets like Porsche. He's so cute and bubbly.
The view is magnificent! We get to see Tainan city. 

This is mini pig 
Did you know? Pigs only have sensor cells at the pink area and other parts has none. So that's why pigs will never have enough to eat. Pigs hair is like the green rough sponge we use to wash wok and pots in the kitchen.
Xiao Ping our farm guide
This is our guide and he's introducing the various area around Xian Hu. We are brought around the farm area from pool to dried longan producing place and also visit cute animals.
Infinity pool
I'm impressed that a leisure farm like Xian Hu has a swimming pool for both adults and kids!
Petting the piggy like a dog XD 
I love the farm that lets visitors touch and experience life in a farm.
Rabbits petting area
Kids will love the rabbits in here, it's so fluffy!! There's a golden chicken in there too.
Golden Chicken

This flower according to folks tale is used for marriage ceremony. 

Dusk is approaching

Jasmine flower
The fragrance smell while enjoying the breath taking scenery is just perfect! I feel totally relaxed here with no wifi outside the dining area range. XD
The hills are surrounding us and birds flying in a flock back home.
Steamboat for dinner! 
After all the sightseeing, we proceed to dinner! As usual, we have a wide selection of fresh dishes all from the farmer's kitchen!
Starters - wild vegetables on bread
The combination of wild vegetables on bread is like a fusion between the west and the east. Loving the crunchy fresh organic vegetables.
Village chicken
The chicken meat is chewy and delicious!
Homecook chicken soup
I love the fact that I can drink soup at every meal and the taste is superb.
Vegetarian sushi
Braised pork
Three layer pork
Omelette roll
Fried vegetables, longan and sweet potato! 
After all those food, we move on to dessert!
Fruit salad
Homemade muffin

DIY session! We made Ang Ku Kueh(Red Tortoise Cake)! In the past the villagers serve this during wedding. The whole village will gather and make this kueh.
Ka Mei and Winnie making the dough
The water was poured bit by bit onto the flour to create a smooth dough for the cake. 
Ang Ku Kueh
Make a pancake shape dough and put the peanuts in the centre and wrap it into a ball. Next rub oil on the mould and place the cake on leaves and tadah! Steam the kueh until cooked and ready to eat!

Arabic coffee beans 
So while we wait for the kueh to be cooked, we went on a Coffee DIY session. The coffee beans are harvested right from this farm. First step is to grind them.
I'm trying to give the grinder a test 
Before I put the coffee beans in, the grinder need to be tested to ensure smooth result. After that, put in the beans and start rolling.
Coffee powder done
After a few minutes of continuous grind, the beans have been turned into powder.
Xiao Ping showing us how to use the filter
Next, put the coffee powder into the filter and place to filter on the cup.
Empty filter
A lot of visitors wanted to buy the filter back according to Xiao Ping.
Pour hot water on top and wait for coffee to drip. 
The coffee is so fragrant with fruity aftertaste. FYI - harvesting coffeebeans is hard work. It takes 3 months to fully pluck the coffee beans one by one.
Activities of the day
On the next day, it's time for breakfast after that comforting sleep.
Handwritten cute board
After scrumptious meal of handmade mantou, porridge and various organic vegetables. It's time to leave.
Group photo!
The owners of the farm made us feel like family throughout our stay here. They eat with us at the table and chat just like old friends. I really appreciate the hospitality.
New generation owners
Xian Hu Leisure Farm is a vibrant and young spirit farm with the owners injecting new ideas.
Hen and chicks bid farewell to us

Outdoor bar area
I truly enjoy my stay here with technology getting out of the way. I am able to talk more and get to know new friends and experience the life in farms.

Airasia fly from Kota Kinabalu to Taipei twice a day.



  1. Hi! I am going there in 2 days time and i feel even more excited after reading your post! Just to check with you, do they provide hair dryer in their cottages?

    Thank you for the post and have a good weekend. :]


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