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Thursday, 24 April 2014

First #AABC gathering dinner in Sabah!

Last Saturday, KK bloggers was invited to our very first #aabc (Airasia Bloggers' Community) gathering at Texas Grill Restaurant. I'm very fortunate to be traveling with Airasia to Taiwan, Kota Bahru and also participant in Bali Beach Run with #aabc.

My first ever nanny is Ka Mei! 
She's nanny for our Taiwan Farm Trip together with Calista and Ana we travel in style! =P
Octopus Nanny Daphne is the leader of the pack
Daphne is the most happening person and she's super nice =P
This is Ashman, he's our Kota Bharu trip nanny
I'm so glad to meet them all! 

Group photo~
A total of 10 KK bloggers were present for this first ever gathering and we had fun and good food. 
Best news is I won two tickets to Singapore!
Well at the end of the dinner, we were told to search under our chairs for something and when I reached to my chair and I got this! Tom and Charlotte won tickets to Hong Kong while Margaret won tickets to Kuala Lumpur.
I'm so in love with our #aabc Tees!
Tom is the rose among the thorns(us girls) and boy that pilot shirt is smart. Diana has the potential to be Airasia Stewardess with her red skirt matching the uniform tee. =P
Another free shot! 

Anyway I also got special merchandises like notebooks, pens and badges.
Blowfish nanny

Cute octopus nanny

Horse, Octopus and Blowfish nannies in a pose
We came out with animals for the Airasia representatives. =P

My loot of the night

This is the best gathering ever and I hope more to come soon! 



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