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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

#RoomerHasIt Pyjama Party

 So on 31st May, I was invited to #RoomerHasIt Pyjama Party at the all new Tune Hotel KLIA2! 
The brand new Tune Hotel klia2 
 I arrive at klia2 airport at around 4pm and proceed to check in. Finding my way for the very first time is kind of scary, I had to take a elevator to the carpark level cp3/1M and walk over the aerobridge with est. time of 3 minutes before arriving.
My plus one is none other than my sweet cousin sister
 I'm so happy she is the first one to welcome me to KL. I just moved into this city for a new job. hehe.
The Courtyard from our room window view
 Event registration starts at 6pm, we only went down at 7pm when the skies turn darker. We all got a bag of goodies from Tune Hotel and also tripadvisor.
Party look
I find that the room is more spacious than other Tune hotels that I've stayed in before and I can actually move easier even with two people in a room. There's TV with interesting movies and the bed was so comfy too, almost didn't want to leave the room.
 First stop is the photo booth! Best thing was anything with #RoomerHasIt hashtag will get the printer automatically print out our photos upload at Instagram. I has a stack of photos printed at the end of the night.
tripadvisor owl joins in the fun. 
 This time I'm reunited with the rest of the bloggers! After almost two years of not physically meet. Thank you Miao for being our temporary photographer.
Elizabeth Tan - upcoming YouTube star
 We had Elizabeth Tan performed for us that night and her soulful voice is just music to the ears. We were serenaded for a while and I wish she don't stop.
Human Bingo winner - Eric Lee
 First game we played is the human bingo and we had to go around asking for names to complete bingo. Maybe the emcee did not give a clearer instruction and many people went and tried to collect more than 5 names to complete a row. Eric used just 5 minutes to finish his and he won 10,000 BIG points to spend!
 Then we had Melissa Indot perform for us and her music is funky. One does not resist to dance to her voice. I guess many guest are too shy to dance. =P
Best Dressed finalist
6 finalist was chosen by the Tune staff and they were required to do a catwalk to win the cheers of the crowd. Winner walked away with 2 flight and accommodation included to Melbourne, Australia! One uncle that dressed in Japanese robe won the cheer from the crowd with his sexy moves. 
Photo with Tune Hotel CEO - Mark Lankester
Group CEO of Tune Hotels Mark Lankester said: “We are thrilled with the opening of Tune Hotel klia2 which has already received an overwhelming response and very strong forward bookings from travellers around the region. Through the #RoomerHasIt social media campaign we wanted to introduce and create further awareness of our latest design and fit-out to previous guests as well as the fantastic facilities at klia2, the world’s largest purpose-built airport for low cost carriers. There’s no better way to do that than have them immersed in the hotel itself.”

Human train ride
Getting my face painted
He said with Tune Hotel klia2, guests now have a superior accommodation option that is not only great value for money but also features improvements to its international-standard offerings. 
Kangaroo and Hello Kitty
With 400 rooms, the hotel is directly connected to the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) Terminal via a covered walkway and link bridge, allowing easy and more convenient access as well as the Gateway@klia2 shopping mall. 
For ultimate convenience, the hotel features AirAsia self check-in kiosks in the lobby.
Tune Hotels has innovatively transformed the guestroom experience into a modern-style
accommodation featuring the all-new room design with a sleek writing table, luggage platform and a 32-inch flat screen LED TV, bringing about an improved, sophisticated but cool ambience throughout the Tune Hotel klia2.
This is how my room looks like.

To add to the guest experience and comfort, the hotel’s spacious lobby features a cool casual seating lounge with free wifi and an expansive open-air courtyard lounge, overlooked by a 24-hour restaurant and beverage centre. 
Mocktail drinks that sounds like my name hehe
For guests with further transportation needs, the hotel includes a transport counter for overland transport needs and for flights, two AirAsia self check-in kiosks and klia2’s flight information displays are provided within the lobby for added convenience to hotel guests.
Octopus nanny Daphne,her pet, me and a #OMiaoG hostage XP 
The hotel also features 167 parking bays which are conveniently located just a few steps away from the airport terminal. 
 The main winner for the best photo goes to one of the Minnie mouses down here. Anna!
With two minnies twins XD 
 We all waited until 10.30pm for the ultimate winner announcement for best photo of the night to win a trip to Hangzhou!
Calista the petite model and Joel photobomb behind
 I took tons of photos so photo spam! =P
With the real life Miao and small Miao
 Miao danced twice that night and even burp in public to help Eric win the prize XD
 He's adventurous with all the face painting going on all night. He later switch to become a pirate.
Rave and her winner streaks XD 
 Rave has a nice name with a song attached to it too.
Yeeing and her cute pusheen neko
 Kinda nice to meet with many happy bloggers that night and boy we party hard just before the heat gets to us.
Ryan and Suresh

 And that's how we end our night with a bang! XD Stay tune for more updates soon! <3 



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