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Monday, 9 June 2014

Tampatan - Taste of Discovery

When you visit Sabah, I would recommend you to try out the local native cuisine because it is uniquely Sabah. I'm constantly searching high and low for local native food because it is really hard to find in KK city but fear not, Le Meridien KK to the rescue! XD

Tiger Prawn in banana leaf
Traditional Kadazan cuisine makes excellent use of a variety of wild jungle ingredients such as bamboo shoots and palm sago, yet employs little use of oil. From simple appetizers of unripe mango with prawn paste, salt and chili to a variety of pickled foods collectively known as “noonsom”, tangy and pungent flavours from souring agents or fermentation techniques is a key characteristic of traditional Kadazan cooking.

Inspired by the destination and curated by local culinary talents, Le Meridien KK introduce Taste of Discovery dishes showcasing local or “Tampatan” specialties aim to stimulate your tastebuds.
Engage your palate with the flavours of salt, vinegar, spicy and sweet through such traditional 
gastronomic creations as the Hinava, Pinasakan, Tiger Prawn in Banana Leaf, Ayam Bambangan, 
Tampatan Trio and Sago Special.
The five specialties are newly introduced at Circle Restaurant.

Traditional ‘ Hinava ‘ Appertiser 26
Marinated mackerel with lime, ginger, chili and garnished with local salad

My favourite taste is sour, savoury and spicy so Hinava will be my all time fav appetizer. =D

Pinasakan Sada in Wild Borneo Herbs 38
Slow braised mackerel in taco baco sour gravy, served with bambangan, lime chili and hill rice
This is a fish dish and it is savoury and best paired with lots of rice!

Tiger Prawn in Banana Leaf 46
Local spiced tiger prawns grilled in banana leaf and served with steamed hill rice, wild onion salad and prawn paste.
Ayam Bambangan 38
Baked spring chicken marinated in bambangan lemongrass gravy, served with steamed hill rice and stir fried wild fern shoot 
I love the crispy juicy chicken and the rich spice flavour is just tasty!

An exciting combination of Traditional Hinava, Tiger Prawn in Banana 
Leaf & Ayam Bambangan
Served with steamed hill rice and discovery condiments 

Sago Discovery 24
Chilled sago served with palm sugar, coconut milk and Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream

I love the dessert, very localize with sago inside =D

All the food are on Ala Carte Menu. It is available from 11:00am - 11:00pm at Le Meridien KK. Get your taste of discovery today! 



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