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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Trip to Boracay!

Woot I'm back to blogging after going on hiatus for over half a year!

Anyway I'm back from the beautiful island of Philippines - Boracay!
The island is just mesmerizing with sandy white beaches. crystal clear seas that is so clear you can just see the corals and creaturs that lives underneath it.

To get to Boracay from Kuala Lumpur, I took a 3.5 hours plane ride to Kalibo airport, almost 2 hours van ride to Calticlan jetty and lastly a boat ride of 20 minutes to reach the island jetty.

Just 1 trip and I took almost all means of transport from air to land to sea.
Reach the hotel at 7pm at night and boy it was a tiring journey.
Had a buffet style dinner in the hotel and then chill along the beach.

Went on simcard hunting just to stay online and Ingress =P
Night life is pretty awesome in Boracay with restaurants along the beach and special performances all night from fire dance, human statues, dancing chef and many others. I'm just so amaze with the friendly locals and the peaceful environment on the island. After simcard hunting, I went to D'mall to check out souvenirs and bikinis~ =P

A video posted by Sherrie Pui (@cutebun) on
Oh I like their budget mart, they even use brown paper bag to pack bought items which is pretty environmental friendly. First night I slept early and my colleagues all went to party and club.

Second morning, woke up at 5am and went out trying to catch the sunrise but found out that sunrise is at the other side of the beach and my roommate and I end up walking along Station 1 up to station 2 then proceed to breakfast at beachfront at 6am.
The view is spectacular and breathtaking with clear skies and crystal clear seas, no wonder this place is the top of the chart island in the world. The sandy white beach felt so nice!

Beach front breakfast

Went back to sleep for 1 hour before heading out for our planned tour.

Today's tour includes, snorkeling at crocodile island, visit crystal cove island, lunch at the other side of Boracay and lastly a banana boat ride.

Snorkeling at Crocodile Island got some of my colleagues nervous. They are afraid of meeting with potential crocodiles. The water is clear with visibility of 10m and not many fishes besides the ones eating the breads. Sad to see corals dying where the boat anchor lands. This made me really want to come back to Boracay just to dive.

Crystal cove is really a beautiful place with the awesome waves in the cove which is one of many natural's wonders. The colluding of waves and the splash is just a sight to behold, It is quite interesting to climb under a short cave to get to the second cove.
Crystal cove
Cove 2
After two activities, we are just starving for food since we used up so much energy snorkeling and climbing at the cove. Lunch was simple with fish, fried shrimps, watermelon, chicken and rice. I love their bottled Coca-Cola which is classic even though we still have it in Malaysia. hehe
Private island lunch =P

After that we went back to Station 3 and got onto the double banana boat ride which seems thrilling at first but boring afterward because we did not get thrown in the water. I slipped a couple of times because I was seated in the front part of the banana boat.

After all that, I went back to rest only to be called out to a sunset cruise that cost 153 pesos on sail boat. The only part that is not nice is that I got wet halfway and that was after I showered. Please prepared to be wet all the time in any activities here. Sunset is pretty with purple pink skies and a giant sun. Many people are para-sailing too and it is really pretty.
credits to Selina
Dinner was suppose to be at beachfront but the tour agent did not follow up from what I heard so it was back to the hotel again. This time after dinner we went to McDonald's and I ordered twister fries with Sprite Apple float. Sadly I am too full to have the McRibs and did not notice it in the menu. After that we chilled at the beach and have a fun talk.

Soon it was time to go club! Half of the bunch all went to this club somewhere in station 2. It was really wild with everyone dancing and drinking at the same time. Jagger-bomb is not my favourite drink at all - tasted really weird like medicine. A cocktail named Blow-job is pretty awesome shot with the waiter lighting it up and i had it with a straw. Then there was this cocktail that 4 of us shared with cola inside that I didn't know what but tasted awesome. So I stay on until 2 something am before heading back to the hotel. Tipsy and Ingress all the way back - Thank Godness there's portal at the hotel so I won't miss it.

Third day we only got 1 activity which is the helmet diving. This is a lot like scuba diving except you are tied to the helmet for air and no license needed and walking under water. XD We are brought to a dive point and went down the staircase with the 25kg helmet that feels like 1.5kg under water. My own opinion on the activity - it might be interesting for non-divers but it certainly feels restraining because I couldn't walk far and afraid to step on corals along the way.

 The helmet is heavy and doesn't stay put on the shoulder so every move will get some water in the helmet. We got our photos taken underwater by the divers and then we are back on land in less than 30 minutes time.

Group photo
Cluelessly helmet dive
Lunch today was on our own and I made my choice by eating at Chatime! Chatime in Boracay is awesome with food and drinks combo. I had beef burger with Mango Au Lait and it's pretty delicious for 229 pesos only. The chicken chop was nice too as I've had 2 pieces stolen =P
I then followed my other bunch of colleagues for a second seafood lunch at the market behind Talipapa. The seafood is cheap but the cooking service is a bit funny and they charged based on the seafood we bought by weighing it. It cost each person 520 pesos for 13 person including cooking charges. Most of them are not full from all the food but not me. XD

Huge crabs
Huge prawns
After that I decide to shop at Talipapa area and the souvenirs and bikini are much cheaper than D'Mall. I bought sandals - 185pesos, 9 keychains+magnets that is 100 pesos, 300 and 350 pesos of bikinis and also a sundress for 400 pesos. After a few hours shopping, I am officially broke with less than 500 pesos for dinner. End up I had Chatime Fish n Chips and also spend 100pesos on the famous Boracay Mango smoothies which has a strap to hang over the neck so I can sip on the drink while walking.
Public transport! Motorbike with passenger seats
Entrance to Talipapa
The night ended early for me as tonight was tiring since I was out the whole day and shop non-stop for few hours.
Almost sunset and on our way to sunset cruise
4th day and it was my last day in Boracay and we had to take all the transport used when we first arrive. Had lunch at the restaurant opposite Kalibo Airport and it was awesome that we got 30% discount because we are AirAsia staff and had an awesome Filipino colleague that made this happen.



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