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Friday, 16 January 2015

Penang Photography Workshop Trip

Hi all, I've been away for more than few months and now I'm back since I got the time to finally write and share some of my trips last year.

 My photography skills are mostly self taught or learn from experience so this was a first time workshop for me. hehe
 Didn't feel motivated actually to take photos so I tried my best to captured what others do not see.
 Walking around Georgetown to captured these photos.
 I was looking for symbols and logos.
 The patterns are pretty

 A door within a door
 The tiles on the floor really catch my attention and the old feeling that comes from it.
 Reflections - my favourite thing to capture
 Learnt 4 things to capture especially to tell a story - Details (Close Up)
 A big picture - Far away of the full story
 Just food -hehe Fried sotong mee

 Hands - if any or the maker (not related caption) =P
 Person behind the work with face - It can even be non living object face
That's all folks~ For full album you can see it here



  1. Penang is always my favorite place for street photography as you can see there's a lot of subject and classic moment you can capture and keep for your own sure you have fun and enjoyed yourselves to the fullest during your trip :) keep writing and capture a good picture Sherrie...

  2. The reflection and umbrella ones were nice!

  3. Hi! Just followed your blog as your post on Butterfly project. Do follow me too?

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  4. Your photos are really nice and interesting! *claps claps*



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